Hawassa, Sidama, Ethiopia: The Sidama Nation Is under Brutal Attack of Ethiopian Forces

Hawassa, Sidama, Ethiopia: The Sidama Nation Is under Brutal Attack of Ethiopian Forces as Hundreds Were Arrested and At least half a Dozen were executed.

As the Ethiopian PM Dr Abiy Ahmed has vowed during his July 01, 2019 parliamentary report to quash the Sidama’s aspiration for a regional self-rule with military force; his national army, federal security personnel and SNNPRS’s regional police in unison are unleashing barbaric force on unarmed, peaceful and unprepared Sidama nation peacefully voicing nation’s demands for a regional self-rule. Over 6 deaths were reported and the imprisonment of prominent Sidama Ejjeetto with the other over 300 Sidama people has been also understood. From the prominent individuals who were arrested this afternoon by the Ethiopian PM Dr Abiy Ahmed’s killing squad include Kalaa Tariku Lema (Tare), Kalaa Getahun Deguye, Kalaa Fasika Legesse, Kalaa Belay Balguda, and dozens of others.

Furthermore, the report after 11 pm local time indicates that there is intense fighting between Sidama people and the Ethiopia’s killing squad in Sidama’s Wotara Ressa district. The Sidama’s Wotara Ressa and Borrichcha districts are the place where the Sidama nation heroically fought and defeated Derg’s regime in early 1980s- although the Sidama people were massacred by the Derg’s regime in a retaliatory action executing over 600 people including children and women in one day’s intense fighting. The current regime of Ethiopia is repeating the same crime and mistake as its predecessors have done for the last 130 years. Moreover, ironically, the current has officially declared war on Sidama nation unlike all its predecessors who have concealed their motives whenever they unleash their military forces.

When the today’s barbarism has unfolded in Sidama soil, the Sidama was on a verge of unilaterally declaring its regional state after fully following the entire requirements set out in the constitution. The response of the Ethiopian government to a peaceful and constitutional demand of the Sidama nation is deplorable that must immediately stopped. The Sidama’s sacred place known as Gudumaale mustn’t be used for the purpose of intimidation, harassment, killing and dehumanisation of people as doing so contradicts with the concept of peace and reconciliation, fostering fraternity and discussing for a common good.

If the Ethiopian government doesn’t stop its barbarism to the peaceful Sidama nation, the Sidama nation reasserts the fact that it is the colony of Ethiopian empire needing not only regional self-rule within Ethiopian empire- but also can demand for full decolonisation. If the sons and daughters of the Sidama nation are hunted down like antelopes time and time again by the successive Ethiopian establishments whatever the political ideologies, the Sidama has got legitimate rights to demand for sovereign national statehood. Despite these unshakable facts; the Sidama nation however didn’t go this far as it aspires to be vibrant national regional state to be able to manage its own resources and affairs, to develop its own language and lift its downtrodden nation from abject poverty masterminded by the successive Ethiopian rulers whilst exploiting their rich resources.

The imprisonment of the Sidama’s freedom agents- peacefully echoing the voices of voiceless Sidama nation is an insult of the Sidama by the Ethiopian government. We the Sidama nation wholly deplore such criminality of the government and urge the regime to unconditionally release all Sidama people who were arrested. Its national army, Special Forces and federal police thus far deployed must be unconditional removed from the Sidama land by stopping their Sidama terrorising mission.

Additionally, the international community that is obliviously remaining silent must demand the Ethiopian government and its killing machines to unconditionally stop their criminal actions to Sidama nation instead allowing the rule of law to be fully exercised.

The Sidama people and its supporters must wholly denounce the actions of the Ethiopian government and demand it from bestially behaving to the Sidama nation. At this difficult time for our nation, it is the right time to learn who is our friend or and who is our foe. Finally, we believe that the Sidama nation becomes victorious sooner than our enemies may think; as there is no evidence that violence stops people’s aspiration. We must be cautious and vigilant as we push with our demands, always united in the face of state-terrorism.

Urgently release all Sidama prisoners and allow the Sidama nation to be extricate from the bondage of slavery!

Stop Sidama Terrorising mission Now!
July 18. 2019