Haters went public without shame: These days we are witnessing wrong information purposely fed to international community about Oromiyaa and Ethiopia.

Haters went public without shame: These days we are witnessing wrong information purposely fed to international community about Oromiyaa and Ethiopia.

The source of such information are neo-feudal colonialists (Neo-Nafxanyaa). Some Ethiopian Orthodox church leaders were also seen taking part. This group had been brainwashed for generations that the Oromo are new comers and Habashaa occupation of Oromiyaa is legitimate. As a result, they create pretexts for not recognizing Oromo rights as enumerated in the constitution. They push the Oromo to be on the wrong side of the law. Daily they release false alarms blaming the Oromo for incidents they themselves intentionally create. They claim that churches were burned and priests were slain. They hoard weapons and ammunitions in churches for sabotage. They claim Taabot (tabernacles) had fallen from heaven to grab Oromo land it fell on. The Oromo are peace loving reconciliatory people and could have gone after culprits had allegations been true. Orthodox churches in Oromiyaa were built by the Oromo and does not convince anybody that they burnt them. They are interested not in the church but going after Oromo leadership. That is why whenever they open their mouths OLF and Jawar, two entities that refused to accept any form of subjugation, are coming out. Not only in Ethiopia, they have come after the Oromo in America and Europe creating obstacle to Oromo freedom of assembly and self-expression. Maybe, they do not understand that they are abusing freedom given them by American people.

In America they went around scaring hotels and establishments not to rent meeting halls to Oromo community and even have disturbed the use of their own community premise. They expelled an Oromo priest of the Ethiopian Orthodox church from his post for attending Oromo community welcoming ceremony to Jawar Mohamad, a popular Oromo leader. On the other hand, high priests that expelled him are seen blessing the protest against Oromo, just like the Catholic Pope blessed Mussolini’s army when he invaded Ethiopia. They instigated quarrel between Oromoo students in Amaaraa region and their peers cousing death and harm. They are daily terrorizing Walloo Oromo in the region. Could there be anything more racist and fascistic? They want the world to take Jawar and “Qeerroo” as terrorists. Qeerroo means youth in afaan Oromo, it is not an organized group but age group that has a duty to protect the nation when called upon. Attacking Qeerroo thus means attacking the Oromo nation. Qeerroo is majority Oromo, Oromoo is hence Qeerroo. Attacking one of their leaders emanates from contempt and enmity for Oromo nation. The world should know that these losers are instigating civil war thinking they could come to power ones again under the pretext. It must be known that if any genocide happens in that region it will be because of them. Jawar and his Oromo Media Network (OMN)are law abiding voices of the voiceless. The Oromo have shown in unequivocal term that they are behind them. When situations cool down and everybody understands what it can and cannot do, when lying stops, let us hope peace and reconciliation will reign over the region.

Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!

Via: Ibsaa Guutama


  1. Obo Ibsaa Guutama, in Somlia the AlShab means also youth, and they kill all the time, are they not terrorists? I’m Oromo and I live here in Ethiopia, Adama, just on Sunday one boy was killed from Adama University, because he was Amhara, by other students, I see my own neighbors, some of them live in fear because they are originally from Amhara. Is this what we want for our future?

  2. I thing I concur with is the worn out and age-old racist propaganda used by Abyssinians to deny the existence of other nations and ethnics in horn Africa and Ethiopian proper as well. Somali were the main target for long time and now Oromos are the new target by labelling them as a new arrivals or strangers as if they they emigrated their ancestral land yesterday. What’s worsr, the campaign of disinformation and fascism idras against others were led by the Churches traditionally and they are trying to do the same thing now. Apparently something never changed in Abyssinian world view.

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