Jawar Mohammed and Beekan Guluma Erena- By Habte Dafa

Jawar Mohammed and Beekan Guluma Eren: By Habte Dafa

According to our ancestors’ cherished Gadaa cultural heritage, when people disagree, fight, or even go as far as taking each-other’s precious lives, always there is a reconciliatory process called “Araarsaa”

Habte Dafa

The Oromo people had been appreciating this treasured courses of action, not only for its simple ability to bring ordinary peace and harmony among the entire people of Oromia, but more for its purposeful vindication of the moral authority that the Oromo culture had bestowed or conferred on it. I have the pleasure and great respect for the Oromo Nation young generation, especially their dedication and perseverance to accept and devote their precious lives for the freedom of Oromia. It is within this panorama that the Qeerroo’s commitment and allegiances (to the freedom of Oromia) always remain the highly valued sacrifices they are paying with their dear lives even today as they are going from a door to door in Oromia to disseminate the rejection of the colonial tax hike on all businesses in Oromia.

But sadly our Oromo diaspora as usual remains saturated with a juvenile behaviors of magnifying the simplest differences of opinion as though there is no tomorrow. I could not validate any existing agonizing intolerable true difference between Jawar Mohammed and Beekan Guluma Erena. Yes, people disagree, brothers, sisters, couples …etc. do disagree. But they do not have to reach such ugly territory of dirtying and polluting each other’s names as being done on the face book now a days. The worst Name calling and spreading of such deeply soling propaganda is committed by those so-called supporters of both sides. This got to stop now!!!!! Both are the Sons of Oromia, and they are standing for their Nation in their own ways. I do not want or interested to know the minute details. The reality is that, just to be part of such smearing of campaign is, same as waging a war of terror on the Nation of Oromia, just like TPLF. If you have nothing good to say about your brother, sister, or elders, it is much better to be quite. On the same ground, the people of Oromia is expecting much of these two Oromo vanguard brothers, and they need to feel the moral obligation to settle their differences immediately.