Haacaaluun kabajaan Oromoo akka biyyoolessatti godhameefii Finfineetti boqochuu qaba.

Imbaasii xophiyaa biyya UK tti argamu

ERGAA GARAGARAA: Bilbilaan Kan na qaqqabe!
1. AMBOO: “Haacaaluun Finfinneetti boqochuu qaba”
2. SHAASHAMANNEE: “Namootni kaleessa rukutaman amma iyyuu karaa irra jiru. Namootni hedduminaan miidhamanii jiru.”
3. POOLISII OROMIYAA: Qabsoo ummata Oromootti makamuuf murteeffaachaa jiru.
4. MAATII JAWWAR: Obboleettiin Jawar mucaa waliin hidhamtee turte. Maatii adda biroon ille hidhamanii turan. Amma manatti deebi’aniiru.
5. DAANGAA FINFINNEE: Daangaan Finfinneen Arfan cufameera.
6. JAWAR, BAQALA, EEGDOTA: Gara Ma’ekelawiti geeffamanii jiru.
1. Haacaaluun kabajaan Oromoo akka biyyoolessatti godhameefii Finfineetti boqochuu qaba. Hero deserves a hero service!


Jawar Mohammed

,Bekele Gerba


Henok G. Gabisa

Minilik — A Symbol of Hate that Overstayed in Ethiopia with Full Privilege and State Recognition that Must Fall
Haacaalu Hundeessa spoke against the African Hitler, a slave trader and murderer rivaled only by king Leopold and Hitler for murdering black people in Ethiopia. He paid the ultimate sacrifice, assassinated by the last fascists in Africa and the entire world that promotes racial hierarchy among black people.
From North America to Europe, statues of slave traders and racists are taken down. This one in the heart of Addis Ababa, a statue of King Minilik stands tall, honored, and applauded by prime minister Abiy Ahmed. It is a statue of shame for black Africans of Ethiopia — a statue of the slave trader, he used weapons provided by Europeans in the colonial era to invade other Africans in Ethiopia and trade them as slaves or use them on their own ancestral lands as slaves. This is the shame of Ethiopia and Africa standing tall.
Today, that narrative embraced by PM Abiy costed the life of a civil rights activist Haacaalu Hundeessa. This controversial symbol of hate, fascism, and intolerance of nations and nationalities in Ethiopia has been lauded/embraced by prime minister Abiy Ahmed, setting the tone for the toxic relationship among ethnic groups in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian state is established on the supremacy of Amhara and their values and complete eradication of other nations.
From land grab to elimination of people from the federal workforce, Ethiopia has remained hell on earth for 70% of the Ethiopian population based on race / ethnic affiliation.
His policy of intolerance and discrimination has reached a point in which Oromo students have been murdered in colleges and universities in the Amhara region. Farmers in Oromia and many other states have been murdered in their fields, their homes burnt, professors in colleges murdered throughout the country.
The Oromos have been under occupation by 80,000 troops recently trained and released among civilians to rule by the power from their guns. They do anything with impunity, while the prime minister is downplaying the alarm raised by reputable human rights activists like amnesty international. This has the fingerprints of Abiy Ahmed from beginning to end.
This a watershed moment. The patience of Oromos waiting for a reasonable accommodation in Ethiopia through democracy and justice, equality, and tolerance are now completely exhausted. It’s a moment in history at which future generations look up to what would happen when the majority is discriminated against and pushed by a minority when settler mentality takes over and eradicated people from their land through land grab.
It’s all over and finished. Time has come to get rid of this hate symbol and the toxic relation that buttress it.Via Somali Region News

Sirna awwalcha Haacaaluu dhaaf koree ijaaramee jiruuf maatii fi Qeerroon Amboo Haacaaluu akka Finfinnee tti awwalamu yoo hin godhamnee sirni awwalcha isaa hin geggeefamuu jechuun akeekkachiisa kennan jiru . Haacaaluun Finfinnee dhaaf falmee Finfinnee tti awwalamuu qaba .

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