Esat tv has no news, except anti Oromo propaganda. Dhaamsaafi gorsa Dr. Mararaa Guddinaa keessaa!

Esat tv has no news, except anti Oromo propaganda. Dhaamsaafi gorsa Dr. Mararaa Guddinaa keessaa!

“Oromoon karaa boroo taatus Masaraa Minilik seenaara. Karaa balbalaa seenuuf ijaaramnee hojjachuu qabna. Waraabeessa Oromoollee haata’u ijaaraamuu qaba, waraabessa jettanii hinarayitiinaa, hamma dandeessanitti walijaaraa!”

Dr yeroo kamuu “ijaaramaa” jedhanii dubbatu. garuu namni kana hubate Waan jiru natti hin fakkaatu. booda gaabbinagaa.

Esat tv has no news, except anti Oromo propaganda. Listen to your enemy and get prepared!!

ከሰላም ሚንስትራችን ክብርት ሙፈሪያት ካሚል ጋር የተደረገ አጭር ቆይታ

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  1. ESAT is doing the Oromo people favour; they are making it clear that they are number one enemy of the Oromo people. The thought of the great Oromo people as a nation always makes them sleepless. Because they know that their fathers made the Oromo people and other nation nationalities in Ethiopia their subordinates through inflicting untold sufferings and fabricating lies. ESAT is simply identified enemy of our people. Once the enemy is identified, it is up to us to have strategies in place and keep them checked and countered. Qeerro, qarree, Oromo politicians and intellectuals, you must underline this truth and educate our people by clearly articulating ESAT’s motives. Other nation nationalities also must beware that ESAT uses the prefix ‘Ethiopia’ to disguise themselves while they never have the Ethiopian peoples’ interests at heart.

    Dr Mararaa Guddina’s message to our people to be “organized” must be understood and shared as organizing ourselves is crucial not only to counter ESAT’s fabricated propaganda but also to achieve and secure our greater freedom. By the way, since Dr Mararaa was my tutor at AAU decades ago his message is clearly understood by me. Oromo, get organized from east to west, north, south and centre at all levels, and realize your potential. Then, your enemies will never be able to sabotage your march towards realizing your greater objectives despite their plots. Then, other nation nationalities in that country will understand that you are their security while ESAT and the force behind it are liabilities to them and the the region as a whole. All Ethiopians must beware of the negative impact of biased media such as ESAT and the forces which deployed them. Always question any news presented by ESAT and their so called ‘analysis’. Stand with your Oromo brothers and sisters to seek the truth and transit Ethiopia to a democratic country where we all thrive and live in harmony and lasting peace.

    Truth shall prevail!

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