Ethiopia is UK’s strategic partner in global peace and security

Ethiopia is UK’s strategic partner in global peace and security

Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban

The British Embassy in Addis Ababa says Ethiopia remains an important partner of the United Kingdom in the area of global peace and security.

According to a Defence officer, the U.K. was also keen on continuing with their partnership with Ethiopia with particular emphasis on building the capacity of Ethiopia’s security system.

“Ethiopia is one of the UK’s strategic partners in global peace and security. We have been, and are keen to continue, helping improve the capacity of our partners,” Defense Attaché Colonel Matt Munro said.

He was speaking at an event organized over the weekend by the Embassy as they hosted the U.K.‘s Cranfield Alumni in Ethiopia. The event brought together former students of the University and academic speakers to share ideas on a range of issues.

“The Alumni group comprised military officers and government officials from across East Africa, including many Ethiopians, who have completed an Executive Masters programme in Security Sector Management.

“The Masters is delivered by the Cranfield University, the academic partner of the UK Defence Academy, and was first delivered in Addis Ababa in 1999,” the U.K. government portal said.

Ethiopia, the world’s biggest peacekeeping contributor, partners the U.K. via the Peace Support Training Center based in Addis Ababa. “Our joint work will help strengthen UN and AU peace operations both in the Horn and globally.

“The Cranfield University courses help individuals to acquire and apply skills and knowledge to past and present challenges in a range of transitional societies.

“In addition to exploring the critical linkage between the security, development and management disciplines, the course provides a strong foundation for translating policy into effective programmes and plans,” the U.K. government stressed.

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