Untold Stories – Gives Voice to the Silenced, Melody Sundberg

Untold Stories – Gives Voice to the Silenced,Melody Sundberg, Organizer

(Untola Stortories) — Human rights activists and journalists often find themselves the target of the very same human rights violations that they are trying to expose and fight against. The aim of the project Untold Stories is to give voice to the very people who have had their basic human rights taken from them.

Untold Stories is a non profit project where jailed journalists and others who have experienced human right violations are more than numbers in vast statistics. A place where exiled bloggers can share about the challenges that they have faced on the path to expose uncomfortable truths in a repressive regime – and what it is like to be labeled and sentenced as a terrorist. Through personal in-depth interviews, articles, photography, art and other pedagogy, the viewer is educated on how oppression can complicate and even completely change people’s lives.
The focus is on violations against freedom of expression and press freedom. Untold Stories tells stories focusing on Ethiopia, Eritrea and Egypt, the countries with the highest number of jailed journalists in Africa. Untold Stories also tells the stories of journalists in exile and focuses on spreading information of the effects of torture.


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Melody Sundberg