Getachew Assefa’s Plot to Oust Oromia (Ethiopia) President Exposed

Getachew Assefa’s Plot to Oust Oromia (Ethiopia) President Exposed

Abbay Media News
Gadissa Kuma

Names of senior TPLF officials who conspired to over throw President Lemma Megersa and to instigate ethnic conflict were disclosed at Patriotic Ginbot 7 event in Calgary, Canada.

At a conference in Las Vegas, Professor Berhanu Nega revealed that the Ethiopian Government security and intelligence agency has been engaged in clandestine campaign to spread discord and violent conflict between different ethnic groups in Ethiopia. This lead architect of this dangerous and irresponsible campaign is Mr Getachew Assafa who is the head of the TPLF-controlled spy agency known as National Intelligence Security Service (NISS).

Documents that were leaked by staff of the Ethiopian NISS identified several government officials as being behind the rising ethnic conflict across the country.  The TPLF government routinely uses stirring ethnic conflict as a means to hang onto power.  One of the most recent manifestations of this has been a series of bloodshed between Oromo and Somali Ethiopians which has already claimed hundreds of lives and displaced tens of thousands.

The leaked documents identify a number of senior TPLF officials who work under the leadership of Mr Getachew Assafa to spread hate propaganda and bloodshed between members of various ethnic groups. Following are some of these names:

  1. Mr Amanuel Kiros, Head of Domestic Security Directorate;
  2. Mr Derebew Demelash, Senior Officer, Domestic Security Directorate;
  3. Mr Tesfaye Urgie, Senior Officer, Domestic Security Directorate;
  4. Mr Addis Bedada, Senior Officer, Domestic Security Directorate; and
  5. Mr Demelash Gebru, Head of Security, Oromia Regional Administration.

It was also reported that Mr Addisu Gedada and Mr Tesfaye Urgie have conspired with Mr Jemal Abaso, the head of Rural Roads Authority to overthrow President Lemma Megersa’s Oromia regional government.

All available evidences show that TPLF officials do not see beyond their desire to stay in power for continuation of enriching themselves and their families. But, the people of Ethiopia, who have lived together in peace for generations, are striving to save the nation from going into the abyss.

Source: Abbaymedia



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