General Tsadkan proposes peace talks in some African country – OLA expands its activities

General Tsadkan proposes peace talks in some African country – OLA expands its activities

Desmond Tutu – Update from Korem-Alamata front Ethiopia – Political turmoil in Somalia

Battlefield Ethiopia- Dec 26th, Alamata front

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  1. Amhara elites, people are asking you questions like : How many Amhara youth should you sacrifice to appease and please Isayas and his fans and got few Tigrean leaders killed ? Do you still think you could consolidate your power and lead the fragmented nation by sacrificing many more amhara youngsters and other nationalities ? TDF generals are proposing you peace talks,. are you refusing this peaceful offer in an attempt to satisfy your ego and feel victorious and mightier while your people are dying from bullets in vain to prolong days of Demeke and Abiy Ahmed ? You claim TDF is raping your women and destroying your public infrastructure, in case of yourclaims , are you insisting to prolong the war to see more destruction, further countless death of amhara, etc (according to your fake story) Before you see few leaders of TPLF got killed , you are determined to deply your own children for war in vain and disintegrate Ethiopia ?? BY the way, Ethiopia is not the mountain but its populations. Hence, Ethiopians are dying on the account of your stubborn and wicked genocidal mission waged against Tegaru and Oromia in the hope of restoring Amhara dominated royal family and one ethnic led unitary regime in a land where over 85 nationalities lived in harmony.፥በህውሃት ስም ሕዝብን ፥በህውሃት ስም ሕዝብን መጨፍጨፍ ከኤርትራ መሪዎች ነው የቀዳችሁት ፥የናንተ ነገር ከተለያዩ ሀገራት የተውጣጡ ሰይጣናት እንደተቆራኟቹ ግብራቹ ይመሰክራል፥፥ለይቶ ማጎሪያ ካንፕ ከሂትለር፥በጥቂትመሪዎች ስም ሕዝብን መጨፍጨን ከሌላ ሀገር መሪዎች፥ከዛም ከዚያም እየለቃቀማቹ በወገናቹ ላይ ጭፍጨፋን ያወጃቹ የክፋት ሁሉ ማህደሮች ናችሁ፥፥ህውሃት እስከሚጠፋ ያማራ ወጣትም ቢሆን ይለቅ ብላቹ በህዝባቹ ላይ ጦር አውጃችሗል፥፥የሰላም በር የተሸናፊነት ምልክት መስሎ እስኪታያቹ ድረስ አይናቹ በቅናት በዕብደት፥በአረመኔነት በልዟል፥፥መጥኔ ይስጣቹ፥የአራት መከራክር ዛር ውላጆችና ሰይጣናት ከነዚህም የከፉ የሻያቢው መሪ የኢሳያስ አጋንንት የተደረቡባቹ ይመሥለናል፥፥ይቅር ይበላቹ፥፥

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