General Gabre Mocks Somalis and Somali Government

General Gabre Mocks Somalis and Somali Government

General Gabre

By Abdi Bulhan

He’s back! General Gabre deactivated his twitter account when he accused President Farmajo of disrespecting Ethiopian troops. But he is back with new twitter account where he mocks Somalis, calls President Farmajo and PM Kheyr terror supporters, claims to have met President Ali Galaydh and Somaliland Foreign Minister Shire in order to secure peace agreement Somaliland and Khatumo peace agreement, congratulates NISA and commends Somaliland and Puntland for supporting Saudi-Emirate coalition against Qatar.

The Somali Government has the support of the Somali people but that support might be fast decreasing due of the Government’s rendition of a Somali citizen who will undoubtedly be tortured.

The Somali Government must give a proper explanation as to why they betrayed the Somali nation. They must clarify their relationship with Ethiopia. Most importantly, they develop a coherent security and foreign policies regarding the Horn and Gulf regions.

Somalis will no longer tolerate indignities and treacherous leaders.

Abdi Bulhan