Gen. Hassan Ibrahim, Chief of Ethiopian military intelligence is under house arrest.

Gen. Hassan Ibrahim, Chief of #Ethiopian military intelligence is under house arrest.

Who is Asaminew Tsige?? The man behind failed regional coup.

– Form military B. General.

– He was arrested under former regime.

– He was released as part of the release of political prisoners by Abiy’s administration

– In October 2018, welcomed to ADP central committee.

-He was made to retire with all benefits and his titles reinstated.

– He was appointed to Amhara regional security head.

– He was responsible for Gumuz massacre.

– He has been arbitrarily arresting and Killing people in Wallo, Walkite and Karrayu.

Ethiopia: ሰበር ዜና – ከአብን የተሰጠ መግለጫ | በአዲስ አበባ ሁለት ጀነራሎች ቤት ተኩስ | እስከ አሁን ያረጋገጥናቸው መረጃዎች