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Galma Amantii Waaqeffannaa Malkaa Duukam! !


Galma Amantii Waaqeffannaa Malkaa Duukam! !Ayyaanni Yaadannoo Warra Abbaa Oromoo Galma A/Waaqeffannaa M/Duukamitti kabajame milkiin goolabameera.

Itti gaafatamaan Waajjira Aadaa fi Tuurizimii Magaalaa Duukam haasawa bal’aa Waaqeffattootni magaalaa Duukam keessa darban dubbatani. Akka bulchiinsa magaalaa Duukamittis gaaffii Waaqeffannaa deebisuuf ni hojjanna jedhani.

Gammachuu ayyaana kana irratti argamuu isaanillee dubbatu. Armaan dura rakkoo ture boqonnaa qabsoo duraa keessatti injifannee kana boodaa dhaloota haarawaa eenyummaa fi duudhaasaa duursu hubanneerra waan ta’eef ni tumsina jedhani. Caalaatti dubbii isaanii caqasaa!!
Caamsaa 04/2011

Dhaabbata Hordoftoota Amantii Waaqeffannaa

Aluta continua!
“About a decade and half ago, I asked one of our Haayyuu from Borena this question: When may Oromo’s cause answered? He responded with a degree of certainty most of would only dream of. He answered my question by saying, “When preparedness and luck converge”
As this convergence fast approaching, increasing preparedness is starting at individual level is priority #1. This preparedness is nothing more than enduring that we engage for greater freedom that entails taking greater responsibility, with increased consciousness so as to increase the nation”s humanness as a whole.”
Berhanu Workneh

– After exchanging greetings, Scanner (SC) and Swimmer (SW) had the following conversation over phone. –
SC: SW, have you arrived on shore?
SW: I am almost there. In fact, I will be positioning myself upright … Why did you ask?
SC: I thought it is time to remind you a word or two from the wise (intuitive strategy warner?) : 
“የቆመ የሚመስለዉ እንዳይወድቅ ይጠንቀቅ።”…
SW: What is your point? Please clarify it.
SC: I hope the few lines of verses, picked from a music once played with the lovely “Ambassel” bit, will clarify my point. Here are they:
“አምባሰል ተንዶ ደጀን ገድፎታል፣
የቆመዉን አዉሬ የተኛዉ ገድሎታል።
የቆመዉን አዉሬ የተኛዉ መግደሉ፣
ሥፍራ በመያዝ ነዉ በመደላደሉ።”
SW: What Are you suggesting?
SC: I am suggesting you to consider re+position.
SW: What for?
SC: So that you’ll continue walking in upright position.
SW: What?
SC: You heard. Have a nice time.
– End of conversation –
Immediately, SW is seen examining a txt message (sent from Analyst?). It seems rather a sort of projection and reads: “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” With a measured bright looking face, SW kept moving forward…

All is hereby respectfully advised and forewarned:
A choice to reclaim Gada, a mega choice. Any attempt to stifle this choice in one way or another is rather a suicidal choice. Living this begins with demonstrated allegiance to evolving Gada institutions including Siqqee. No double standard is accepted. It is time to put ones houses in order in regard to this fundamental.

ቆይ እኔን ለመያዝ ይህ ሁላ ግርግር ለምን አስፈለገ? ፍሪ ሁላ!! ብቻዬን ነኝ እኮ ሃሃሃሃ:: ወይ ዘመን! እኔ እኮ ጌታቸው በዘመኔ
አንድን ሰው ለመያዝም ሆኔ ለመግደል ሰኬንድ አይፈጅብኝም.. ኤረ ሼም ነው ኡ !ህ!ህ!ህ!ህ::እኔን ፈርታችሁ ግን ከሌላ ክልል ሰውን ከያዛችሁ እኔ ነኝ የሚያሳስራችሁ ዋ !

Adem Mohammed-Arba

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