Free All Political Prisoners & Stop Politically Motivated Intimidations

Free All Political Prisoners & Stop Politically Motivated Intimidations

Ethiopian government under the leadership of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, has started a new wave of imprisoning Human rights activists and political parties senior officials and members ahead of the coming election. Former OLA Commander and Senior OLF Official, Abdi Ragassa and Oromo rights activist Dereje Begi are a few of recentely detained political prisoners. Many youth are in different torture units like in the infamous #Maekalawi and in different concentration camps like the #Awash Military Base. Once, Ethiopia was praised for releasing all political prisoners up on a reform pushed & backed by the youth (commonly known as Qeerroo) movement that engulfed the country but unfortunately replaced by new thousands political prisoners as #election2020 is approaching.

In an action of silencing dissents and freedom of expressions, in recent days government’s security apparatus is intimidating Bilisummaa Huseen, a lady who presented her personal opinion that is critics of the Prime Minister and other Oromo political personalities, on an event of March 08 – Women’s International Day, organized by Oromo Federalist Congress and aired live by Oromia Media Network. Gov’t cadres closed Bilisummaa’s business in Adama, detained one of her employee and are searching for her for detention. Government official are also accusing OFC and OMN for the said opinion of the lady.

Ibsaa Gammadaa

#FreeAbdiRegassa #FreeDerejeBegi

Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch Ethiopia
Human Rights Council
Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights Organizations – CEHRO
Lawyers for Human Rights – የህግ ባለሙያዎች ለሰበአዊ መብት
Obboleettii – Oromo Women’s Network
Oromo Women Association-OWA
Oromia Law Society
Voice of Independent Oromia
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Oromia Broadcasting Service – OBS
Oromia News Network – ONN
East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project
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Ibsaa Gammadaa