Fraud related to Election registration could prompt #NEBE to dismiss some of its staff in the #Somali region

Fraud related to Election registration could prompt #NEBE to dismiss some of its staff in the #Somali region

Report reaching us from reliable sources indicate that NEBE will dismiss some of their officers who were deployed in some part of the Somali region after they deliberately refused to register the opposition parties candidates citing that the head of Somali Prosperity Party and zonal administrators have instructed them not to register opposition parties and independent candidates.
Representatives from the Electoral Commission who were deployed to many parts of the Somali region and in particular Liban zone, Siti, Jarar, Dollo, Jigjiga, Afdher, Nogob, Gode, and Erer zones of the Somali region refused to register the independent and oppositions’ candidates.
The opposition parties have escalated the issue to the NEBE office in Jigjiga and Addis Ababa of which some of the NEBE senior staff tried to resolve the issue by calling directly their representatives who were assigned in those zones but some of the NEBE staff ignored the election commission order to register the oppositions and independent candidates while others did not answer the calls.
Some of the opposition leaders who spoke to the local media say complaints have been lodged with local and federal election commissions who promised they will hold free and fair elections – the only way the country can be built. The opposition leaders believe NEBE cannot conduct free and credible elections when the ruling party is the one who is determining and deploying inexperienced NEBE staff to different Woredas and also directly instructing them to not register the other competing parties.
The opposition parties and independent candidates in the Somali region strongly underlined that if NEBE staff who are accused of refusing to register their candidates are not fired and arrested immediately they will not participate the upcoming elections.
A few days ago, Ethiopia’s Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) and Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) announced their decision to boycott the June elections due to the high levels of arrests and detainments of their members and supporters, including the media mogul and prominent opposition figure Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Girba which the parties said will make it “extremely hard” for it to run.
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  1. Just because we Harraris condemned the ethnic cleansing the Prosperity Party recently declared against the ethnic Harrari people, by violating the Harrari لا Affirmative Action set by law to safeguard the ethnic Harrari People from extinction, the NEBE is retaliating against ethnic Harrari people by commiting fraud.

    • To Rahmy Rashid

      Let us boycott the upcoming election in Harrar. If one region in Ethiopia gets no voters turn out to vote in the upcoming election it will be a big blow. Tigray might get on board too.

      Not voting is a peaceful protest.
      Not voting is a constitutional right
      Not voting is not illegal

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