Former President becomes Speaker of House of Federation of Ethiopia

Former President becomes Speaker of House of Federation of Ethiopia

(Newbusinessethiopia)–The former President of Amhara Region Agegnehu Teshager, today elected to serve as Speaker of the House of Federation of the new government of Ethiopia. He is elected today without any opposition.

Mr. Agegnehu will be serving as Speaker of the House of Federation for the coming five years. Today he is nominated by the President of Southern Region Ristu Yirdaw and seconded by Shimelis Abdissa of Oromia Region.

Today Ethiopia established a new government based on the result of the last June general election where Prosperity Party has secured the majority of votes to lead the 110 million plus population of Ethiopia. Agegnehu Teshager has also been serving as chairman of the Amhara Prosperity Party.

During today’s inaugural meeting, Zara Ahmed Ali from Afar Region is also elected to serve as Deputy Speaker of the House of Federation of Ethiopia. The House of Federation of Ethiopia is represented by 76 ethnic groups and tribes found in Ethiopia.

Today during the opening of the meeting, the House of Federation of Ethiopia has elected three members of the House of Federation – from Amhara, Oromia and Southern regions, who have law background are elected to serve as members of constitutional interpretation assembly.


  1. Soon, he will be ‘speaking/talking to Walls’ in a Prison for men who committed genocidal crimes against innocent Oromo civilians! The Oromo Liberation Army, the children of the likes of the people of Ambo, among whom Agegnehu grew up, BUT DESPISES AND HATES WITH A VENGEANCE, will see to it that he faces JUSTICE FOR HIS CRIMES FOR SURE!

  2. Such is the character of the descendants of the armed Amhara Settlers among our people that this man has no EMPATHY WHATSOEVER FOR THE MISERY OR THE LIVES OF THE OROMO OF AMBO among whom he grew up! All he cares about is keeping his Nafxagna Amhara class in power; and if that meant the erasing of the Oromos of Ambo from the face of the Earth, he would consent to the plan and volunteer to execute it!

    It is precisely because of his proven cruelty while he was President of the Regional Amhara State that Abiy plucked him out of there and made him a “Speaker” for the “Legislative” body of his brutal ” Federal” state, so he can have someone to lead the crafting of laws permitting the extermination of those who dare to resist!

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