For a discussion, have a say please:- Mobility of capital and labour in Ethiopia!

For a discussion, have a say please:- Mobility of capital and labour in Ethiopia!

Mobility of capital and labour (people) is corner stone of many states and federations. This is to mean the ease of moving money/investment from place to place, and movement of people seeking jobs from place to place without any hindrance.

In the past in Ethiopia, mobility of people was from the north to the south in one direction. There was not much capital mobility but there was resource extraction from the south to the north.

In every index, the south always loses. The two towns mentioned in the image are practically an isolated Abyssinian settlements. Abyssinians have their owns schools, they use their own language, they pay little tax to the state and they hire only their kinds. This is a result of north to south migration and settlement. Now, in the eyes of many the settlers, it is the right question to demand these towns to be separately administered or included in different state than Oromiyaa.

The blame is squarely on OPDO. In early 1990s when OLF was in transitional government, it pursued an aggressive policies to change the profile of these towns. When it was pushed out by TPLF, the OPDOs did not bother much, and in fact handed over Harar, Dirreedawaa, Moyyale and Finfinnee.

States can’t prevent people from coming to their territory from anywhere in the country. However, they have the right to implement policies that screen people based on set criteria, for example for skilled and unskilled job seekers coming to their state. One can read examples from elsewhere: Canada and India.

Oromiyaa should do exactly the same as Canada and India. Uncontrolled mobility is great for Abyssinians, bad for Oromos at least for now. Amharas and urban settlers want to have access to jobs and resources in Oromiyaa without any restrictions. That directly jeopardizes the interest of Oromos and Oromiyaa.

The only way we can prevent more ”Nazareth”, ”Debrezeyit” and ”Addis Ababa”.is to get involved heavily and regulate the job market both skilled and unskilled. Any kind of jobs within the state’s territory, whether it is federal, state, private or NGO must be regulated by the state. Oromiyaa can shed the burden of uncontrolled migration to its territory simply by adopting strong Afaan Oromoo only policy. That will also help its unemployed youth tap into job market without the need to compete with aliens who would not speak the language of the state. Of course this needs a comprehensive labour policy. The current one is shit, absolutely garbage

Biyya Oromiyaa

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  1. Dear Biyya Oromiyaa,

    Tragically, Oromo struggles have ended up producing the kinds of Lencho Bati and other mediocre leaders who have given away ripened aspirations of our people before attaining victories. Opportunities were missed in 1974, 1991 and 2018. I was a preschool child when the 1974 revolution ushered in short lived hope and changes in Ethiopia. I spent the whole of the dergue era in full time education, and was at the beginning of my profession when TPLF ran over Ethiopia, and controlled state machine in Finfinnee. I have lived the OPDO/EPRDF/PP period as professional back at home and over seas in exile. I was lucky enough to find job in international organization and avoid the Ethiopian government structures made to suppress our people’s aspirations.

    Three chances to free our people were missed, and we are back to witnessing Oromo blood being spilled by the Ethiopian government forces. I think that we have failed to use the turn of events to our advantage as Oromo, mainly due to lack of effective political leaders, giving away Oromo near victories to our historical enemies. None of the political negotiations made, following the changes of 1974, 1991 and 2018, brought satisfactory settlements and justice for the Oromo people. In all cases of negotiations the Oromo people have been victims of “unwarranted pessimism” from the oppressors as Oromo political leaders have approached all political negotiations with “unwarranted optimism”, because they hoped that “the privileged would give up their privileges on request” – Being completely deceived and manipulated. Short lived euphoria and then back to square one! Oromo “leaders” remained weak negotiators and shortsighted, in all round the table negotiations, because they believed that their Abyssinian counter parts are genuinely committed to resolve the sociopolitical, historical and socioeconomic problems of the country. As Martin Luther King reminds us, “no one gives up his privileges without strong resistance”. The main goals of the oppressors are not to grant justice to the oppressed but to “perpetuate injustice and inequalities” against the oppressed. Just look at how laws have been formulated in Ethiopia and used against our people in order to protect the privileges of the subjugators at the expenses of the Oromo and other oppressed nations of Ethiopia.

    Oromo: Let me challenge you with the knowledge that current qeerroo and qarree have achieved political maturity that the Oromo struggle needs. Do you think that the kinds of Lencho Bati can negotiate justice for the Oromo and bring changes to the status quo while the neo-neftegna are at the helm of political power in Ethiopia? Are the qubee generation as herbivorous as the Lencho and company, who get comfort from consuming leftovers, looking away while Oromos are still massacred, tortured and remain political prisoners? Are the qubee generation “militant enough” to fight injustice in unison and “moderate enough” to be inclusive to protect others and bring justice for all sufferers of injustice in that country? Are you just on lookers when your people in some parts of the country are attacked and massacred (Wallaga and Gujii parts of Oromia in particular)? Do you remain scared and silent when your brothers and sisters are incarcerated for their political views? Do you have the vision to lead Oromo struggle to victory and the wisdom and courage to act in unison towards your freedom? Do you have strategies to act in unison and protect yourselves from the fascist government of Ethiopia? Do you have the organization and unwavering unity to defend yourselves from neo-neftegna gangs? Do you have mechanisms in place to check on unreliable mediocre leaders, and force political and civic organizations using Oromo names to work hard towards achieving Oromo goals? Are you able to protect your people from neo-neftegna and PP officials working against the interests of the Oromo people?

    Are you still united to thrive as Oromo or are you giving in to the plots of neo-neftegna and gantuu/galtuu individuals who attempt to divide you, assigning you geographic locations? Are you Wallaga, Shawa, Jimma, Wallo, Arsi, Bale, Hararghe, Iluabbabor, Borana, Gujii, etc., or are you united Oromo? Your understanding and answers to these questions are very important and your future will depend on whether you act in unison or otherwise.

    My last words to you, qeerroo and qarree: Do not leave your future in the hands of corrupt and contaminated mediocre leaders, who are bent on filling their bellies, and guided by neo-neftegna. Organize yourselves and act in unison to grant freedom and justice to your people. Never let affiliations with political parties or geographic locations of your birth place or part of Oromia in which you are residing to obscure the big picture – the inalienable freedom of your people. You must be the authors of your future in free Oromia or new Ethiopia, and you can do this if and only if you take Oromo and Ethiopian politics seriously, and play your roles with determination. Your people’s destiny is in your hands only and only if you free the political playing fields from the likes of Lencho Bati and other so called “leaders”. You decide your destiny qeerroo and qarree Oromo. Have you heard me? I said Oromo qeerroo and Oromo qarree; I have never mentioned geographic locations (any parts of Oromia). Never help your enemies to win by allowing them to play regional cards. Never get distracted by minor issues our enemies create for you in order to advance their agendas at the expense of the Oromo. Maintain your greatest achievement of looking at Oromo cause as a whole, transpiring regional boundaries. “Truth is the whole”!

    “No lie can live forever” (Carlyle)
    “Truth, crushed to earth, will rise again”. (William Cullen Bryant)

    I hold to my believe that the sky is NOT the limit to what the great Oromo people will achieve if they are organized and act in unison.
    Thanks to our heroes and heroines who have given everything to the emancipation of our people. Best wishes to qeerroo and qarree, who are the hope of the great Oromo people!

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