TPLF’s Unauthorized State of Emergency Foiled by Qeerroo! Opinion (by Abba Ormaa)

TPLF’s Unauthorized State of Emergency Foiled by Qeerroo!
Opinion (by Abba Ormaa)

Simbirtuu: Hoogganoota QBO keessaatiin i dhimmoota adda-addaa kaafnee gaafanneerra. Caqasaa kunoo


TPLF’s Unauthorized State of Emergency Foiled by Qeerroo!
Opinion (by Abba Ormaa)

The unlawful state of emergency failed because everything the decree outlawed is happening and there is nothing the TPLF and its mercenaries can do about it. Intimidation, killing, torturing, and displacing are not new to the Oromo people and are not going to work. They have been there for the last 27 years under TPLF.
The Oromo people in every corner of Oromia are rising up and saying NO to occupation!
Fabled by the gallant Qeerroo, the TPLF regime is now running for cover. It is now a liability to the regime itself!

TPLF’s fearmongering is also defeated. In a heartbreaking seen, we saw Qeerroo feeding less fortunate and elderly Ethiopians as the protest is raging on. They did not ask whether these people are Amhara? Hadiya? Gurage, etc? They did not say because you are speaking other languages, you will not eat. They proved to the world that their struggle is not against anyone. It is a struggle for peace and justice. It is a struggle to free and lift up everyone from under the TPLF apartheid. They are exemplary of the long tradition of Gadaa.

Even before the unlawful State of Emergency is voted down by the kangaroo parliament and yet ratified, the TPLF sent its mercenaries to towns and cities in Oromia with the hope of crashing the Qeerroo peaceful movement for freedom. On the contrary, 48 hours later, the TPLF and its Agaz are running for cover. Reports confirm that the regime’s mercenaries are confused and acting incoherently.
The Oromo people in every corner of Oromia are rising up and saying NO to occupation! You are not welcome to our towns and cities. Frustrated by the boldness and determination of the Oromo people, the Agazi is randomly killing and robing people in cities and towns across Oromia. Killing and robing did not deter the movement and now the tide is reversed in favor of Qeerroo and the Agazians are deserting in droves in all directions.

The TPLF is left with one more card to play: the symbolic prime minister post. They probably put Dr. Abiy or Ato Demeke or both and reverse the failed State of Emergency through them to make them look independent to buy some time and engage in the usual crocodile tears.

Honestly, the State of Emergency was their last hope and that hope is squashed by Qeerroo and the game is over. The TPLF regime and everyone involved in this crime enterprise has blood in his/her hand and will face justice. The saddest part of the drama was to see women wearing Hijab and signing on death sentence of another women and children. It is sickening. They should be ashamed of themselves!
Every parliament member who endorsed TPLF’s plan to commit genocide against the Oromo people should pack and move to Tigray before it is late, if they are welcome there. They have no place with their people. Their act is not different from the Nazi Germany party who cheered and jumped up and down to wipe out the Jewish people. These people clapped their heart out and even some raised both hands to increase the count to wipe out the Oromo people. They have to ask themselves why they hate the Oromo people this much! Those who did not show up are no less criminal than those who voted. They wanted to keep their blood money and apartment and choose not to say no to TPLF. They should not blame the Oromo people for wanting to have a country of their own. Anyone who suggests amnesty to these criminals is a criminal in the eyes of the Oromo people.

Where are Dr. Abiy and Lemma Megersa when Oromia is burning by mercenaries from Tigray? What is more important the life of 12, 20, 22, 25 years old Oromo or loyalty to your masters? Why don’t you speak up the truth that the decree is not ratified and it is illegal and should not take effect? These days shall pass too!

Oromia shall be free!

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  1. Abiy and all absentees who were in the country during the vote are opportunist thugs and cowards who disqualified themselves from leadership by failing to show up where and when they were needed the most. OPDO should expel all of these people and those 35 traitors who declared war on our people, beginning with Aba Harre. If not, they can pack up and dig their caves in Tigray as Oromo people will never carry them any more. The 95 heroes who refused to be bullied should vote to dissolve OPDO and form a new party or better still, join OFC. Together, they make the most formidable opposition block to the regime. At any rate, the game is over not only for TPLF but for OPDO as well.
    The vote has created unique opportunity for Oromo people to see crystal clear who are their enemies and who are their friends all at the same time.
    I am really, really happy about it, because knowing the enemy from within simplifies many, many things in our struggle. The possible appointment of Abiy to PM will never calm Oromo struggle. OPDO committed suicide by deposing Lama from chairmanship. Now he is lame, all his reforms can be reversed by wayanes and their agents unless he is restored to his chair.

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