Flourishing Oromummaa – The Unstoppable Oromo Journey

Flourishing Oromummaa – The Unstoppable Oromo Journey

(Attempts to dishonor Oromummaa will not hamper the Oromo movement from achieving its goals)

Worku Burayu (PhD), April 22, 2021


People must have an equal right to protest and call for justice for the lives lost

Supported by Ethiopian authorities, “Ethiopia First! Down with Oromummaa! slogan” has been loudly heard and the banner were officially raised in Amharic language at various cities of the Amhara Regional State (ARS) started on April 19, 2021. In fact, the protests that took place so far were peaceful. Because it was organized by internal collaboration of authorities of Amhara regional state, the federal government and the National Movements of Amhara (NAMA). But they had no intention of letting the demonstrators turn them into a blame. When secretly facilitated the demonstrations, they didn’t calculate the ensuing result of their action and the consequence that follows. There will be repercussions on a much wider scale.

First of all, I am happy for the Amhara people to express their right to freedom of speech and call for justice for the lives lost in Ethiopia without any intimidation. The loss of innocent individuals by anyone must be denounced. The Peoples of Ethiopia have every right to protest unjust lives deaths, intentional displacement, destructed properties, and abused human rights. Ethiopian authorities have banned peaceful protests in other parts of Ethiopia but the authorities in Amhara Regional State facilitated, managed and provided logistics to the present demonstrations. In Oromia, not only the right to peaceful protest is banned but also anyone who tries such basic right is killed in the broad day light. Although all people must have an equal right to protest and call for justice for the lives lost, in the last three years alone, security forces shot and killed hundreds of lives when various peaceful protests tried to stage in Oromia. Oromo Peoples are imprisoned or killed indiscriminately for the peaceful expression of their political, religious, or other conscientiously held beliefs, or for their identity, even though they have neither used nor advocated violence.

Secondly, I condemned the specific slogan targeting Oromummaa and an act defaming the Oromo people on the demonstration days. Attempts to dishonor Oromummaa will not hamper the Oromo movement from achieving its goals.

Thirdly, I denounce coordinated and intentional horrifying atrocities against Oromo and Muslims in Amhara regional State by the Amhara Special Force, Police, Militia and Fanno groups.

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National Movement of Amhara (NAMA)

A day before the protest, you might have seen warning like criticism the National Movement of Amhara, a friend of Abiy, released accusing him of aiding “OLF/Shane” rebels, who the Federal and Amhara authorities blame for all the attacks against the Amhara community even in the Amhara Regional State (ARS). There is no rebel by the name “OLF/Shene” in Oromia or in Ethiopia. There is the Oromo Liberation Army aka WBO in Oromiya. It is official that the Oromo liberation army is struggling against tyranny and is supported by millions of Oromos. However, OLF/Shene is a fake name simply used as pretext to kill or harass civilian Oromo. Why members of Abiy administration or authorities of Oromiya and Amhara regional State afraid to call the name Oromo Liberation Army (OLA)? The Abiy Administration is exploiting every crisis to pursue its long-held goal of destroying Oromummaa in any possible way.

NAMA classified the attacks as “State sponsored terrorism” against the Amhara. Here, I would say to NAMA, well come to your sense of having gut to call the action “State sponsored terrorism” although too late. When terrorism is committed by government of Ethiopia against Oromo and Tegaru NAMA calls it maintenance of rule and law of the country. Now, when situation comes to its door it calls State terrorism. It is clear for the peoples of Oromiya that more than any other entities, the Prosperity Party (PP) mafia group is creating and conducting terrorism and genocide particularly on Oromo that become a tool and a key source of various terrorism in Ethiopia. The Oromo liberation army has repeatedly alerted that the mafia groups created by security forces are equipped with full of arm and logistics and wear braided wigs to disguise themselves as OLA. The PP that is currently ruling Ethiopia illegally send these mafia groups to different regional states to incite conflict among religions and ethnic groups and falsely blaming the Oromo Liberation Army. Once again, let peace loving peoples and nations know that OLA has persistent anti-terrorism stand and opposes terrorism as means of struggle to achieve the right of the Oromo people. Now, the population of Amhara instead of accepting the violent state as a legitimate regime, started to wake up and stand up to defend themselves against such State terrorism. Paradoxically, nether NAMA nor the demonstrators did say anything for hundreds of thousands of minorities in Amhara Regional State who have been discriminately killed or displaced, or their properties burned down to ash and looted by Amhara special forces or militia or Fanno group.

Beating the war drum

Demonstrators of April 19, 2021 drummed, shouted and chanted slogans like “Down with Oromummaa” in Amharic language for hours.  Down with Oromummaa means, down with Oromo people, Oromo language, culture, history, values and so on. On the same demonstration, they chanted slogans like “Long live Amharanet” in Amharic language too. Literally, they wished prosperity for Amharaness (Amharanet) and elimination for Oromoness (Oromummaa).

Before taking hundreds of thousands of innocent Tigrayan’s lives, Amhara authorities, NAMA and the Abiy administration were hitting similar drum in September and October 2020, but at present time they strike the drum harder to get the louder the sound, and to get more support by misinformed Amhara mass. This deliberate misinformation by authorities of Amhara regional state and that of NAMA and the slogan heard against Oromummaa officially confirmed the continuing coordinated and aggressive war against the Oromo people by Abiy administration, the Amhara authorities and their collaborators such as NAMA, EZEMA, ESAT, Etio-360 and others.

Is Abiy helping Oromummaa?

Abiy from the age of 15 years until now tirelessly tried to fulfill the Abyssinian’s elite agenda of destroying Oromummaa and Oromia. In the last three years alone, the Abyssinians wanted him to eliminate Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), the army that protects Oromummaa, in two weeks, he tried and miserably failed. They wanted him to kill or facilitate killing Oromo elites, he did it. They wanted him to bomb Wollega, Guji, Borana etc., he did it. They wanted him to suck Lemma Megerssa from his post, he did it immediately. They wanted him to arrest Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba and others, he did it swiftly. They wanted him to arrest thousands of OLF and OFC members including the high-ranking OLF officials such as Abdi Regassa and Micael Boran, and to oust OLF & OFC from election, he did it and continuing unabated. One simple example he has been doing to crash Oromummaa is languishing the more than 28 leaders and engines of the OLF and OFC in the prison. They wanted him to destroy his former ruling coalition allies, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), he tried but pulled into unreturned ditch. When they can’t find anything wrong with Oromo in Oromiya, they orchestrated and declared war on Wollo Oromo. Now, Wollo Oromo crisis used as pretext to curtail birthrights of Oromo in the Oromia zone. He has been doing everything they asked for. They looked to the Abiy government for additional action. Now, before he’s going to his eventual demise that they prepared for him, they wanted him to break down Oromummaa, the one he has been trying since his adulthood but repeatedly failed and will not succeed forever. Here, I wanted to remind people with the bywords of OLA commander: “Until Oromo stop marriage and Oromo women stop giving birth, no one able to block the way of Oromummaa.”

I know some are bitter, unhappy and wanted to drag Oromo down to their lowest level. Oromo is way above that level now than in history. Instead, Oromo don’t stop shining just because of someone or some group intimidation. Let us see what Oromummaa means:

What is Oromummaa?  Asafa Jalata, the distinguished Professor of Sociology explained Oromummaa as:

The total expression of Oromo peoplehood that has developed from the language, historical, cultural, religious, and philosophical experiences of the Oromo society. On the basic level having a basic form of Oromummaa means to manifest Oromoness by practicing some aspects of Oromo culture, language, belief systems, values, norms, customs, traditions, moral codes, and guiding principles that shape the Oromo national identity.”

Flourishing Oromummaa

Successive Ethiopian regimes have failed to destroy Afaan Oromoo and replace it by their own language. Afaan Oromoo is the core center of Oromummaa. As far as Afaan Oromo endures, they have been unable to destroy Oromummaa. Deadly sure, they will never be successful in the future. Instead, Oromummaa has survived for more than a century since the conquest of Menelik. Thanks to the uninterrupted Oromo struggle and brave Oromos who sacrificed their lives, currently, Oromummaa has already restored from surviving position to striving level. To flourish Oromummaa, the unbreakable sprit of Oromo struggle will continue the unstoppable journey until the undertaking principles that motivated the OROMOO cause will be achieved: to exercise the Oromo peoples’ inalienable right to national self-determination that cannot be abridged or denied by any government force or any political party or political activists or street chanters; (2) and that the self-determining power ultimately rests in the Oromo people themselves.

Surprising! We have already maintained Oromummaa through our bitter struggle. Our foundation is unbreakable. Here is how Professor Asafa Jalata also defined the foundation of Oromummaa:

“The main foundations of “Oromummaa are freedom, justice, popular democracy, and human liberation all of which are built on the concept of Saffu (moral and ethical order) and are enshrined in Gada principles. It builds on the best elements of Oromo culture and traditions and endorses an indigenous Oromo democracy known as the Gada System that have also universal relevance for all oppressed peoples. As an Afrocentric worldview that sees an African culture as the center of African life, Oromummaa bases its vision on Oromo popular democracy, an institution that existed before American democracy.”

We Measure our Oromummaa success by the seeds our father and forefather planted. We have seen realistically that planted seed: germinated, emerged, grown, flowered, sett fresh fruit and again perpetuated. You may be single-minded, tried a lot but cannot kill this cycle. Let alone protest, successive Ethiopian war against Oromo couldn’t kill Orommummaa, and cannot kill forever. It is established on unshakable foundation! Long live to Oromummaa!

I have also another surprise for you. Now Oromummaa has become unhampered way of life. My next article is in line to this way of life. It is the Oromianism way.

Horaa Bulaa!