Flatterer of Habesha to Lean Good Start Reform to Wrong Direction: Is Dr Abiy Ahmed Gullible?

Flatterer of Habesha to Lean Good Start Reform to Wrong Direction: Is Dr Abiy Ahmed Gullible?

By ANF, Ottawa, July 5, 2018

A successful victory of OLF, Qeerroo, and other led revolution ended the  absurdness who called Government led by TPLF that never even envisioned to exist in this world, they covert themselves, quench beer and other alcohols whatever they wish, hunt human-beings irrespective of gender and age, coerce civilians by military occupation that rapes youth and women at their residence of living including in front of their husband, made fatherless and motherless children either by killing or jailing parents, and contagiously occupied vicinity of civilians calling their approach State of Emergency-just simply to protect their selfish unholy exploitative actions and limitless embezzlement.

Abiy Ahmed (PhD) assumed a position of Prime Minister of Ethiopia in this context of imposed name on nations and nationalities that presumably have their own national names or at least self-rule administrative regions within Ethiopia. Abiy Ahmed (PhD) have yet started constructive approaches to ensure what civilized nations enjoys including each region has his/her own right to administer ones affairs. This core of judicial systems and institutional stability has been not easy but he anchored graciously enough to be successful-some completed-and the other tasks started. Major of the focus would be: 1) State of Emergency voided, but military restructuring is expected; 2) Several politicians, protesters and civilians released from a place called the cursed place called jails that when human-being born would not be to suffer at such evil doers venue except criminals, but all of them expected to be released; 3) though started, there is no complete structural changes in removing security forces from a region who accustomed to perpetuate crimes at other region (s) or inadequately  to enforce rule of law as part of their responsibilities. The structure of security rationally recommended to be regionalized where authority of the region has a power to order on its own military forces, otherwise an inter-regional support is requested; 4) political parties are being given space-which is a very good sign; 5) citizens are released from neighbor countries and some reconciliations were commenced including with Eritrea.

Why Abiy Ahmed (PhD) is successful? 1) He has very good demeanor of articulation with soft voice; 2) He recharged voice of people and addressed people’s grievance; 3) His background helps to be accepted (His father is Oromo, so Oromo feels being represented; His mother is Amhara which allured the Amhara ethnic group; His father is Muslim; His mother is Christian; he is educated). So, almost, everyone has feeling of even-handed images.

Three key problems of Abiy Ahmed (PhD) are: 1) He ogling on several plans but it is highly advisable if he complete as a concrete what he started than add on other complications. Then, the system itself will equilibrate extra duties; 2) Inquiries from many uproars and responding to this several years built defies. Again if he physique on what he started, that is most worthwhile; 3) Flatterer of Habasha to lean against right direction will lead to a wrong destination.

What misapprehension of flatterer of Habasha? 1) One flag; 2) One language; 3) one country; 4) dismantling of constitutional right of the region that entrenched up to independence; 5) one religion. In brief, they are in the illusory of self-enticement status than the realistic and the sustainable approach to peace and stability.

The truth is no region will adopt the same and identical flag, nor will accept Amharic is the only language in the federal setting; otherwise, Oromo language must now adopted in the federal language because the ethnic Oromo is by far exceed the Amhara. Alternatively, Oromo must abandon using Amharic language in Oromia. No more to put multinational nations in to one country but each region can adopt self-rule in every aspects and enter-regional issues including labor exchange, employment like the Canada System would be advisable adopted.

How the Habasha’s are revealing flatteries? 1) Always appreciating Abiy Ahmed (PhD); 2) using the name of Abiy Ahmed (PhD) on mass media and trying to re-impose Amharic language; 3) inviting and arranging of gifts for Abiy Ahmed (PhD) in USA. Is he gullible so?

Advice: for various reasons, it is not advisable for Abiy Ahmed (PhD) to have a formal meeting with diaspora people by himself-be mindful the security reason he encountered on his meeting, June 23, 2018, as well- but he can send delegates.


  1. Dear writer
    You gave a wrong credit for non existing OLF. Weather you accept it or note OLF is not physically exist have a single armed man or women in Oromia. OLF as well as its member may be in abroad are traitors criminals. I am telling you truth I happen to be member in 1970s. They lies throughout try to make history out of lies. Today that is unacceptable by Oromo people since its the Oromo men and women (farmers and paternalist, urban dueler and youth) who are achieved this rectory under the new OPDO leadership you can not give the credit to the non existing traitor OLF. Hence you better if you shut up.

  2. To the author.
    Basic facts matter. Dr. Abiy’s mother is an Oromoo from Burayu, central Oromia. Listen to Dr Abiy’s brother interview with VOA Jalane Gamada for evidence. It seems you are listening too much to habesha media outlets.

    Coming to you substantive point: great Oromians died for a cause. Come hail or high water, flattery of current nominal leaders of Oromia and empire by anyone, wouldn’t derail us from achieving our original goal. Oromos did the heavylift in overthrowing this cruel and sadistic regime. Our sacrifice wouldn’t be in vain. We will get commensurate and deserving reward for our deeds.

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