Five Educated Oromos Abducted by Government “Security Forces” in Finfinne Yesterday.

Five Educated Oromos Abducted by Government “Security Forces” in Finfinne Yesterday.
[Oromoonni 5 Finfinnee irraa humna mootummaan butaman]

Ethiopian security forces broke into the homes of the following five individuals and abducted them yesterday September 5/2019 evening around 10:00 PM local time. They are:
1. Biqilaa Amanuu
2. Abdii Guuttataa
3. Gadaa Bultii
4. Firoomsaa
5. Addunyaa Keessoo
Witnessess told ONN that all of these Oromos have graduated from different universities in the country and currently living together in a small rental room in the capital Finfinnee. Some of them are said to be daily laborers.
Adunya Kesso was arrested for three years and released a year ago together with thousands others. He arrested again.

Gadaa Bulti was currently arrested by the government of Dr. Abiy Ahmed for three months and was released, but arrested again. Biqila Amanu and fromsa were teaching in Oromia but escaped intimidation of OPDO kadres and moved to Finfinnee two years ago and living working as daily laborers. Abdii Guuttataa was also jobless after graduating from Jimmaa University.
Witnesses told ONN that security forces took off the clothes of some of these individuals and beaten them severely before taking them away. Unconfirmed reports also indicated some reporters of Sagalee Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo have also been arrested.

Dábessá Gemelal

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