First, they are mad at their puppet Abiy Ahmed because Oromia did not turn into Tigray.

First, they are mad at their puppet Abiy Ahmed because Oromia did not turn into Tigray.

The destruction and the hunt for Oromia’s children didn’t quench their thirst for blood to the fullest. Second, they are done with him and now he is on the chopping block himself. They think they can consolidate power without him and his pathetic sham of a party Bilxiginnaa.
Oromia resisted, so they are angry. They are angry WBO persisted. They are angry our spirit is not broken. They are angry we are resilient. They are angry at this generation who are world class sabboona and sobbontuu and they cannot reverse it. In general they are angry because Oromo Nationalism is curved in the hearts and minds of this generation and no force is going to match it.
Lastly, they have devised a strategy where they commit horrible acts of violence, target communities of people and also come out as a victim in the same breath. This playing the victim while killing others worked until Tigray happened. What happened and still happening in Tigray and Wollo put their lies to the test. Now, the world witnessed and witnessing their disregard for human lives and the hatred they harbor against Oromo and others.
The international community is calling you out by name “Amhara militias/Fano” participation in war crimes in Tigray not Oromo Qeerroo or Oromummaa. If Abiy is summoned to the ICC, you will be on seat number two for your involvement.
In all of the chaos across Ethiopia, your ideology or involvement is the common denominator. You can create and support your own propaganda by the media landscape you control but the truth has been witnesses and is being observed by outsiders as well as by the people you terrorize. This is not 1800s and we will not accept your expansionist vision in exclusion of all others. You cannot take or assimilate people into your subjects. If you try you only make the disintegration of Ethiopia possible. If coexistence is an issue we will go to independence. We lack nothing as a nation to do so. We do not have to accommodate hate.
Home is Oromia
Oromummaan midhagummaa dha!

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