“Finfinneen kan Oromoo tahu Uummanni Itoophiyaa hundu beekuu. Ragaan dabalataa immoo heera mootummaati.

“Finfinneen kan Oromoo tahu Uummanni Itoophiyaa hundu beekuu. Ragaan dabalataa immoo heera mootummaati. Heerri mootummaa Finfinneen kan Oromoo fi Oromiyaa tahu lafa kaa’e jira.

Heera mootummaa sana kan tumee immoo uummata Itoophiyaati. Kanaafuu, Finfinneen Kan Oromoo tahu Uummata Oromoo qofa otuu hin taanee uummanni Itoophiyaa guutuutu beeka jechuu dha. Kanaafiidha dhiimmii Finfinneen kan eenyuuti jedhu gaaffiif kan dhiyaatu miti.

Ajandaan dhiimma Finfinnee amma maaliif ka’ee? Uummanni keenya ummanni Oromoo kan hubachuu qabu, yeroo ammaa dhiimma Finfinnee ajandaa gochaa kan jiran qaama carraa argamee hundaan hoggansa haaroomsaa diiguu barbaaduudha.

Dhiimmii Finfinnee immoo akka ajandaa ijoo fi isa ol’aanaa tahe tokkotti qabamee karaa nagayaa fi seera qabeessa tahen, wal amantaa ol’aanaa fi fayyadamummaa uummata keenyaa dhugomsuun mootummaan naannoo Oromiyaa fi Federaalaa qindominaan hojjachaa jiran.

Qaamoonni asii fi achiitti giddugalanii tartiiba ajandaa kanaa diiguun hoggansii burjaaja’ee akka dhaabbatuuf hojjatan gaaffii Oromoon Finfinnee irratti qabuu akka deebi’uuf yaadanii otuu hin tahin, Injifannoo uummanni Oromoo wareegama qaqqalii kaffalee gonfate kana dhabsiisuuf akka tahe hubatamuu qaba.”

Dr. Milkeessaa Midhagaan turtii OBN Waliin Taasiisaniin keessaatti kan dubbatan Keessaa kan fudhatame.

If divorce is real let it happen now: The Finfinnee Saga

Esknder Nega et al are behaving like a child. It is so bewildering when a person of Eskinder’s statiure bluffs nonesense like a mentally unstable child. A child can set fire to a forest but doesn’t know how to extinguish it.
Forget all claims of Oromia over Finfinnee. Forget natives of Oromo like Eka and Gullelle who were removed and exterminated from ancestral land. Forget history either. How can the radicals like Eskinder Nega, Yilqal Getinet and co, secure Addis Ababa’s very survival needs by detaching the city from Oromia? What do they have in a stock for the city when they talk ill of Oromo and wish to have an Oromo free city. Is Addis Ababa a cleave in the ocean? If they believe so let them detach it. If they have an issue let them table their argument line to refute Oromia’s claims over Finfinne. If they don’t have any pragmatic, workable and sensible points to argue, better they zip their mouth. Bluffing is so easy; criticizing is so simple; doing sensible things needs wisdom and knowledge.
In my opinion, if it is in the interest of Addis Ababa’s residents to live in an Oromo free island, if Addis Ababa is a slate in the vacuum though, leave the alliens alone; so that we could do our homework too to leave them alone. To avoid each other is possible, easy for Oromia than Addis Ababa. Ignore the city that is inorganic to segregate Oromos. Oromia just needs to withold its resources so that no one can make a living at its expense. Every choice is on the table; negotiate or dissociate. You wish to punish Oromos over Finfinnee claims? Do it now! But we tell you one fact: you can’t eat and keep the cake symeltinously.
Those whom you brag to punish are so furious and so serious to teach you a lesson. Oh, boys, you are crossing the red line to intimidate and fight the lions!

Tullu Liban

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