Finfinnee keessa taa’ee Live Maqaleen irra jedhee odeessa namichi karaa OBN

Finfinnee keessa taa’ee Live Maqaleen irra jedhee odeessa namichi karaa OBN
Report reaching us from the northern part of Ethiopia says TPLF forces have attacked a military base in the outskirts of Saqotaa town in the Amhara region this afternoon.
According to our source, the base which was occupied by the Amhara Liyu Police Force is reportedly badly damaged by the TPLF attack. It’s not yet known the actual casualties and circumstances surrounding the said attack. This attack came at a time when the government media has broadcasted PM Abiy Ahmed who is said to be in Makelle talking to the Eritrean and Ethiopian generals who are based in the regional headquarter.
Abiy Ahmed, who spoke on many issues, said, “We have won the war; however, we should not be proud until we hunt down the TPLF leadership and bring them before the law.”
Meanwhile, Abiy also held talks with the newly formed Transitional regional Government (TRG) in the Tigray region and discussed a number of issues, including the completion of the regional administration and restoration of normality in the embattled region.
Abiy Ahmed spent hours in the Tigray regional capital of Mekelle and return to Addis Ababa shortly afterward.
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መቀሌ አውሮፕላን እንዳማያርፍና እንዲሁም በመኪና መቀሌ ለመድረስ ከሳምንት በላይ እንደሚወስድ የእርዳታ ድርጅቶች እንደነገሩን ረስቶና የራሱም ሠራዊት ተጠቃሎ መቀሌ እንዳልገባ (ለምሳሌ የደቡብ ትግራይ ግምባር) እያወቅን ይህ ሰው በምን መቀሌ ገባ እንበል? ያለው አንድ ብቸኛ አማራጭ አንደቦንቡ ከድሮን መወርወር ብቻ ነው። ለዚህም ይሆናል ከግል አሽከሮቹ (OBN) በቀር ሌሎች ሚዲያዎች የውሸቱን ዜና እንዲነዙ ያልተፈቀደላቸው።

Amansiis Qanaatee

Tibbana dubbii MM Abiy Keeniyaatti dubbataniifi gaaffii kaase maali?
Tibbana daawwannaa guyyaa lamaaf Keeniyaa kan imalan MM Abiy pirezidantii Keeniyaa Uhuruu Keeniyaattaa waliin dhimma bu’uraalee misoomaafi nageenyaa mari’ataniiru.
Dubbii MM Abiy Afaan Ingiliziin taasisaniin hordofee gareen hoggantoota ABO Obbo Daawudin hogganamu ibsa baaseen komii dhihesseera.
‘’Kuni sochii balaa hamaa qabu kan biraa paartiin biyyattii humnaan bulchaa jiru taasisuu fi paartilee siyaasaa dhabamsiisee filannicha kophaa isaa dorgomee injifatuuf fedhii inni qabuuf ragaa gahaa dha,’’ jedheera.
Dabalataan, ”Mootummaan Keeniyaa qabsoo bilisummaa isaatiif ummanni Oromoo taasisaa jiru bifa kamiinuu dura dhaabbatuu keessa akka hin seenne…” jechuun ibsa baheen akeekkachiise.
Wanti MM Abiy dubbatan maali? Ergasiiwoo waajjirri Ministira Muummee Itoophiyaa dhimma kana irratti miidiyaaleef maal hime? Itti dhihaadhaa!


  1. አይ ቅሌት! ወይ መቀሌ! ቤተ መንግስት ቁጭ ብሎ ያናፋውን የድሮ ፊልሞችን ቀነጫጭበው ቀጥለውበት መቀሌ ነበር ይሉናል! You can’t fool all the people all the time! 1) ከ1፣30 ጀምራችሁ ስሙት! እውነት ቢሆን ኖሮ፣ ሃያ የማይሞሉ መኮንኖችን ሰብስቦ “ያው አራቱም በኛ መካከል አሉ” ብሎ አያወራም ነበር። ሄዶ ሲጭብጥ ወይም በሌላ ከዚህ ደረቅ ንግግር በተለየ ያናግራቸው ነበር። ሲያጨበጭቡ እንኳ አላሳዩም! 2) እሱንም ተውለት! የፊልሞችሁን ቅንጥብጣቢ ተደጋጋሚነት ታያላችሁ፣ 2:34 – 2:38 is same as 14:27 – 14:31 and 3:59 – 4:05 is same as 15:53 – 15:59; three sequences 4:55 – 5:04 is the same as 16:50 – 16:58 and same as 20:11 – 20:20, and so on. Same clip of Gen. Abebaw was repeated 3 times. The same clip depicting Gen. Abebaw and Gen Baca side by side was also repeated 3 times. The whole fake broadcast was made of not more than 10 short clips, inserted here and the in Abiy’s monologue.
    The whole thing is a cheap photoshop. The drama proves that everything Abiy claims about Tigray are lies and fake!! Gen. Abebaw is long dead. Those clips probably stem from a meeting before the war! Liar! lair Abiy!

  2. YOu are so genius . You are bravely exposing its ,Abiy which is dog and monster at a time ,lies . Keep it up Kichuu .

  3. We tigrians feed amhara when they come to Axum and freed them from Derg regime killing gonderes and gojames . Now they are killing and raping our women.

    Amahar kill its own people for land . Go and ask Gonderes and gojames. You could find many magicians who disguise as monks and priests and merigetas in Gonder and gojam churches and monasteris .

  4. I think everybody has learnt his lessons the hard way. OLF made a big mistake when trusted every “Oromo” and recruited uncommitted members such as the Lenchos to lead the Organization without thorough consideration of their backgrounds and motives. TPLF made a big mistake by underestimating Oromo power when they not only alienated OLF by mistreated many Oromos. Ethiopia can never be the same because neftegnas crossed all red lines to live with the rest of Ethiopians in one country in peace. That means non-neftegnas must sit together and peacefully deliberate if they want to build a common federation without neftegnas or be independent countries. In any case, a solid coalition of non-neftegnas is needed to secure their existence.
    OLF and OFC did a good job for not participating in election because even if their members are released, there is no body who can stop Abiy to steal the votes and declare victory. That is why formation of TG is a must before any election.

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