Finfinne: Oromo Land and the Heart of Oromia

Finfinne: Oromo Land and the Heart of Oromia

By Tola Jilo, September 19, 2018

The recent weeks politically motivated violence in Finfinne was a wakeup call for Oromo people.  It also reminded us the struggle ahead of us and right now.  Oromo says “diina sindowatin” simply meaning good to have rivals for stimulation.  Otherwise it is easy to be comfortable and relax before reaching an end.  The return of the Oromo Libration Front (OLF) to its homeland and its capital city Finfinne, the historical turnout of Oromo people (5-6 million) to celebrate the return of its leader, the merger agreement between OLF and OFC, etc. was a political win for Oromo and political crisis to others those who do not like the unity of Oromo people.  Most importantly, the Qeerroo discipline regardless of the violence against them in Finfinne, once again proved their strength, leadership, and vision for the remaining chapter in Oromo struggle, and had created Oromo-phobia among others.

Finfinne is the heart of Oromia. Period!!! Why?

Simple analogy is to look at the system.  If you look at the human physiology, the human system is interconnected.  The role of the heart is just to pump blood to the system, including to the brain.  If the heart stops, the system doesn’t exist.  However, for the heart to be healthy and to be able to pump blood to the system, other peripheral systems such as liver, kidney, etc needs to be healthy.  For instance, while the heart perfectly functions, if the system shutdown, heart gives up.  The Finfinne situation is the same.  If the peripheral system clampdown (Ambo, Burayu, Laga Xaafoo, Adaama, Bushooftuu, and all surrounding villages and towns), Finfinne can die alive.  Finfinne is not a standalone entity but adhered to the surrounding villages, towns, and Oromia as whole.  Qerroo had clampdown Finfinne during the previous protest by shouting down the system which had left Finfinne without food, fuel and other supplies for three days.  Finfinne will be “sick” whenever Oromo and Oromia is not healthy.  Finfinne cannot standalone in the heart of Oromia as independent.  There are many ways of repeating the clampdown or taxing all incoming and outgoing goods.  Think think and think before proposing anything wrong about Finfinne!

We have learned a lot this week about identity questions and Oromo-phobia for no reasons.  The moronic ESAT commentators had tried to pour fuel on the fire to cause unrest.  The violence was believed to be sponsored by Habasha political party (Ginbot-7) by hiring people from Gurage and other ethnic origins. This will be cleared by the police in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, their media ESAT, had called protests against Oromo people, Oromo activists and to claim Finfinne as independent city.  Surprisingly ESAT broadcasted;

  1. blaming Oromo party leader for naming or calling “Worrobella” to the people who instigated violence against Qeerroo. Just to let ESAT and others behind the violence to know that if there is any stronger word, I would use to describe the coward violence against the peaceful OLF supporters. These instigators were not only Worrebella but manslaughters; killing an innocent Oromo girl (18 yrs) and butchered 20 years Oromo boy. Whoever is behind this, it shows how much they hate Oromo but love the Oromo land.  That will never happen anymore!!!
  2. they claimed that Oromo activists had called Finfinne “yedem ketema”. This is a true history.  But Oromo has forgiving heart and still trying to co-exist.  It should be noticed that ownership of the Oromo land is not something negotiable.  You cannot own everywhere you immigrated to for economic reasons. You cannot own the city you lived in the USA but you have the right to work, vote and co-exist.
  3. they claimed the Oromo activists encouraged Qeerroo to rise. Just to let you know that the Oromo activists reassured the Oromo people to calm-down; otherwise Qeerroo would have proceeded with what it has started.  Jawar, Dr. Tsagaye Ararsa, Obbo Bekele Garba and Dawud Ibsa are our heroes.  Oromo people listens to its influential people, protect them and will do anything if anyone think or attempt to do anything to these individuals.
  4. ESAT commentators claimed that Qeerroo came from parts of Oromia and didn’t know how to behave in the city. They believe the Oromo youth didn’t know how to behave in the capital city of Oromia. However, these moronic individuals live in a big cities in the United States.  They went to USA from Gonder or some part of Amhara regions without previous experience of city life.  Today they drive in the USA cities, etc.  It is shame when they say Qeerroo is not familiar with Finfinne.  They forget their own pathways.
  5. They openly denounced the Oromo mayor for the city of Finfinne. Once again they try to claim Finfinne as standalone city.  OLF spokes person at the joint meeting with OFC said, Oromo can only be denied the right to ownership of its capital city, Finfinne, when New York city becomes the united nations city.  This is good analogy; if there will be true democracy and federalism in Ethiopia, Finfinne is part and parcel of Oromia.  Otherwise, one should expect another round of Qeerroo revolution.
  6. ESAT openly called none Oromo ethnics in Finfinne to be “organized” for violence. As a result, Oromo institutions in Finfinne were breakdown including the Afaan Oromo School (General Tadasaa Birruu school), Oromia bank, and many other Oromo social and private institutions.  This indicates hatred and unwillingness to co-exist with Oromo on Oromo land.
  7. This is a wakeup call for Oromo people. For “them”, democracy is coming to their terms, assimilation into one melting pot (only Amharic language, Amhara culture, the Habasha flag, etc.) This notion is outdated and Oromo already progressed to the next chapter in history.
  8. Divisive attempts. ESAT was trying to pour a full and lit a fire between Oromo people and Oromo parties for Amhara political gain.   One of their commentator said, all other Oromo political parts are trying to dissolve OPDO and specifically to sideline Obbo Lema and Dr. Abiy.  Dr. Abiy and Obbo Lema are our heroes. They have worked for their people tirelessly and still working hard.  They will be part and parcel of Oromo history for all the change we see today.  They are our heroes.   No one will dissolve them; they are indispensable.  They are precious Oromo children and nothing can come between us anymore.  Once again if there will be a true democracy, ESAT or Ahmara will not choose the next leader of Oromia.  Only Oromo people will determine about their leaders.

You cannot win through instigating violence.  Rather discuss with open mind and be prepared to accept anything. This is how politics work.


Adabbii OROMOOTA Irraan Gahaa Turame during occupation in 1890s