Finfinne, Oromia, Ethiopia: Update from Qaliti Prison!

Finfinne, Oromia, Ethiopia: Update from Qaliti Prison!
Update from Qaliti Prison Today
We visited Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Hamza Borana and Shemsuddin Taha at Qaliti prison. The following is Jawar Mohammed’s message from prison.
“The allegations against us is not about Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba , OFC, OLF, nor about a crime committed. We are all political prisoners; it is all about making the Oromo cause on trial. Oromo Nationalism & Oromo Narrative is on trial.
Look, modern Oromo Nationalism developed over the last 50 – 60 years against sabjugation for liberation and equality is on trial. Oromo Political narrative reframed by Oromo Liberation Movement, our founding fathers are on trial. Our narrative by which the international community recognizes the Oromo Nation is on trial.
This Prosperity Party ruling group is trying to frame the Oromo Nationalism as a tribalist or Xenophobic movement. They are trying to bring all political discourses to court.
We all must critically understand what is going on to criminalize Oromummaa and other nations so that we can easily come up with lasting solutions.”
Ibsaa Gammadaa
Finfinne, Oromia, Ethiopia

Too bad all they’re good for is the show off or cracking down on protesters. Nowhere to be found when we needed them to prevent communal violence and save lives!
Sadly, these military parades are hollow reminders of a dark century dominated by dictators and military juntas like DERG.
Its chilling to see that this is their priority amid a political, security and economic crisis exacerbated by a global pandemic. If leadership is all about priorities, boy haven’t they proved plenty that neither the people nor solving their problems is none of their priority.
_ Mohamed Olad