FIFA bans EFF presidential election

FIFA bans EFF presidential election

By Dereje Tegenaw

FIFA banned the presidential election of the Ethiopian Football Federation for the federation failed to inform the international football governing body about the election a month ahead of the schedule.

The election was scheduled to take place on November 9, 2017.

The federation should have sent the details of the election process such as the composition of the electoral board. According to FIFA’s procedure, this should be done a month ahead of the election.

The same thing happened to the Rwandan Football Federation. For the failure to inform FIFA, the presidential election of Rwandan Federation had to be extended for four months. The same fate might await the EFF.

For the November election, Teka Asfaw, representing the Amhara region, Ashebir Woldegiorgis (DD), representing the Southern region, Anteneh Feleke, representing the Oromia region and Dagim Mlashet Hagnok, representing the Gambella region, were running to assume the presidency.

Source: Thereporterethiopia