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Fascist TPLF’s ploy: Master plan 2.0 and malicious conspiracy to divide and conquer

Fascist TPLF ’s ploy: Master plan 2.0 and malicious conspiracy to divide and conquer.

By Olaanaa Saboonaa

TPLF plan is to divide Oromia into two. The red color is the planned city of Addis Ababa

This is an update and a repost from the past.

They have killed the Oromo people and the rest of Ethiopians for 26 years; they have imprisoned, tortured, displaced us, alienated and committed unheard of crimes against our people.

After murdering close to a 1000 people at the Errecha massacre, they declared a state of emergency and now extended it for another 4 months. They bought themselves time to think about their next ploy.

When their strategy to pit the two largest nations in the country, the Oromo and Amhara fell flat on its face, they went into a panic mode. They knew something has changed and that it could be the beginning of their end. But this enemy is determined and would never give up easily.

What is their next strategy? To continue pitting the Oromo people against the people of the so called states that border with Oromia such as the Ogaden Somalis, the Afar and the others.

Let us put on the table a known fact. No national government that claims to represent the people of a country thrives on creating divisions amongst the people it wants to govern. It is only colonialists and minority fascists like TPLF that use this tool as their strategy of survival.

The Oromo people have lived in peace and harmony with the Somalis of Ogaden and the Afar people with whom they share a lot of cultural and historical heritages.  They have armed their so called special police forces, put them under their command and declared war against the Oromo people. Because of this, many lives have been lost and many families have been displaced; the tragedy still continues.

The plot thickens and their work to incite other ethnic groups against the Oromo people is going on. The reason for this is that they find the Oromo people as the greatest threat to realizing their dream of forming a greater Tigray by expropriating land from all nations and nationalities; from the Wollo Oromos, from the Amhara (a case in point, genocide committed against Walqait and Tsegede), from the Afar, from the Gambela and Benishangul and other people of Ethiopia.

The young Oromo heroes rose up for their God given rights. They stood against the Woyane army and police force that is armed to its teeth. They were on the cusp of bringing it down when they declared a state of emergency to buy more time. Alas, now they realize, that too will not be sustainable.

They are now extensively working on inciting all nations and nationalities of the country against the Oromo people. Along this line, there has been a new phenomenon that has made them restless and uneasy. That is the solidarity of the Oromo and Amhara youth manifested in their struggle against a common enemy-the TPLF.

These people know that the solidarity of the peoples of Ethiopia will inflict a final blow to their power and hence the strategy to diligently work on dividing and inciting a civil war among nations and nationalities of the country.

They are working on killing this solidarity from its infancy and creating a bigger division where the two nations will get into an armed conflict.

The recent declaration of accepting the Oromo right over Finfinee and its details has the mission to ultimately incite armed conflicts against the Oromo people.

What should our response be to this new so called special rights over Finfinee?

Let us never give into the tactics and tricks of the fascist minority TPLF and let us work on getting rid of them to enable our people ascertain their right to ownership of Oromia including Finfinee-it is not up to Wayane to determine what we can have and what we cannot have. They are illegitimate and they do not belong and should not have the right to rule us from our ancestral land-Finfinee.

Let us call a spade a spade and not waste our time in parsing the different parts or sections of this would be law on the special interests of Oromia over Finfinee: it is nothing else but Addis Master Plan 2.0 & a conspiracy to divide and rule thereby saving their fascist regime from crumbling down. Rise Up and Fight for Your God Given Rights and Freedom by getting rid of this cancer-the TPLF fascists.

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