Another trick out of the hat-Fascist TPLF ’s ploy to come back from the edge of the grave

Another trick out of the hat-Fascist TPLF ’s ploy to come back from the edge of the grave

By Olaanaa Saboonaa

TPLF mass mascre
Irreecha Massacre, October 2, 2016 will sit in the hearts of all Oromo forever. The TPLF bandits left unforgivable scar on a society that fed it.

They have killed us for 26 years; they have imprisoned, tortured, displaced us, alienated and committed unheard of crimes against our people.

After murdering close to a 1000 people at the Irreecha massacre, they declared a state of emergency and now extended it for another 4 months. They bought themselves time to think about their next ploy.

When their strategy to pit the two largest nations in the country, the Oromo and Amhara fell flat on its face, they went into a panic mode. They knew something has changed and that it could be the beginning of their end. But this enemy is determined and would never give up easily.

What is their next strategy? To pit the Oromo people against the people of the so called states that border with Oromia such as the Ogaden Somalis, the Afar and the others.

Let us put on the table a known fact. No national government that claims to represent the people of a country thrives on creating divisions amongst the people it wants to govern. It is only colonialists and minority fascists like TPLF that use this tool as their strategy of survival.

The heinous crime the TPLF committed on peaceful Oromo at Irreecha in Bishotu on Oct. 2, 2016 and mass graves around prisons to be on world media soon

The Oromo people have lived in peace and harmony with the Somalis of Ogaden and the Afar people with whom they share a lot of cultural and historical heritages.  They have armed their so called special police forces, put them under their command and declared war against the Oromo people. Because of this, many lives have been lost and many families have been displaced; the tragedy still continues.

The plot thickens and their work to incite other ethnic groups against the Oromo people is going on. The reason for this is that they find the Oromo people as the greatest threat to realizing their dream of forming a greater Tigray by expropriating land from all nations and nationalities; from the Wollo Oromos, from the Amhara (a case in point is Walqait and Tsegede), from the Afar, from the Gambela and Benishangul and other people of Ethiopia.

The young Oromo heroes have risen up for their God given rights. They have stood against the Woyane army and police force that is armed to its teeth. They were on the cusp of bringing it down when they declared a state of emergency to buy more time. Alas, now they realize, that too will not be sustainable.

They are now extensively working on inciting all nations and nationalities of the country against the Oromo people. Along this line, there has been a new phenomenon that has made them restless and uneasy. That is the solidarity of the Oromo and Amhara youth manifested in their struggle against a common enemy-the TPLF.

These people know that the solidarity of the peoples of Ethiopia will inflict a final blow to their power and hence the strategy to diligently work on dividing and inciting a civil war among nations and nationalities of the country.

They are working on killing this solidarity from its infancy and creating a bigger division where the two nations will get into an armed conflict.

The recent declaration of accepting the Oromo right over Finfinee and its details has the mission to ultimately incite armed conflicts against the Oromo people.

What should our response be to this new so called declaration?

  • First of all the TPLF government is illegitimate and has no right to give us what belongs to us.
  • They have come up with this idea to incite conflict among the Oromo and Amhara and by extension incite violence against the Oromo people by everybody else. When this happens they will start arming those Amharas or any other ethnic group who want to fight the Oromos under the pretext of “Oromos will chase you out” they will orchestrate this and lead it from behind just like they are doing against our people in Eastern Oromia and Wollo.
  • If there is a genuine remorse for what they have done all these years and if there is a will to change, they should start with,
    • releasing all political prisoners
    • Taking out all Agazi, federal police and defense force from Oromia
    • Recognize the self rule of the Oromo people and all other peoples of this cursed little empire called Ethiopia
    • Instate the rule of law and hold all those who are responsible for the massacre of thousands of Oromos and others into account
    • Respect and recognize the boundaries of Oromia
    • Stop inciting violence against the Oromo people
    • Recognize and accept the Oromo language as one of the two national languages as a start
  • Instead, what they are doing is, on the one hand they keep massacring our people left and right, on the other hand they tell us ‘your rights over Finfinee as a guest nation’ is recognized (parsed in pieces or fractions). A message embedded in this declaration is, ‘we will use this to destroy you by inciting violence against you’.
  • This declaration is no different from when Meles brought back OPDO from Adama to Addis saying Oromia’s capital is Addis when they lost the 1997 election.
    • The current declaration is even more sinister in that there is a larger plot to extend armed conflict between the Oromo and other peoples of the country.
  • One thing we the OROMOS need to understand is that the TPLF will never rest from committing genocide against our people. Hence the main goal should be to get rid of them.
    • In doing this, we need to recognize that injustice to one is injustice to all. By throwing this poisoned meat, they may also want to pacify the Oromo and take time to finish the Amhara resistance in Gonder and other places. Once they achieve that, they will then come back to finish the Oromo. We need to understand that there is no isolated justice.
  • The current face change by the OPDO to appear like heroes for the rights of the Oromo people while they are being massacred everywhere and while thousands are languishing in prisons, is part of the TPLF’s strategy to buy time. In fact, the current OPDO leaders are more dangerous in terms of killing the Oromo struggle.
    • If they really mean what they are talking about, they should start, at least, by expelling the agazi, federal and defense forces from the Oromo land as well as by freeing all those that are suffering in prisons.
    • They have come up with a strategy to divert people’s attention to run after few dollars and not fight for their right to exist as a free nation-this is a strategy of colonialists.
  • We have heard these past few days that they are retracting their declaration about Finfinee. What would be the reason? What would be their next move? In any case, we need to know that these people will never rest from plotting to extend their grip on power by dividing people and inciting violence amongst people. They know that the day they stop doing that will be the day their rule ends.
  • For the Oromo, the answer is one and only one: Unite and fight for your right!
    • That fight as it stands will never be resolved in a peaceful manner as the TPLF animals only know the language of the gun.
    • Unless Oromo seriously starts to arm itself and fight for its right in a well organized way, the minority beasts will keep roaming the Oromo land.
    • No matter how any kind of power in the world supports them from behind, no one can beat the will of a united and determined people-OROMO should start from this basic premise.
    • These minority fascists appeared to be larger than life for the last 26 years because we were sitting and watching them standing on top of us. We let them do that to us, and for that, we need to blame ourselves.
    • There is a repeated reason that is always given for the weakness of the armed struggle of the Oromo people –that is Oromo does not have access to neighboring friendly countries for access to armed support. Unless we change the paradigm with respect to this reality and devise a new approach, we will always be ruled not only by the Tigrian animals, but also by the next regimes that come along.
    • Even in a peaceful time, the Americans have such a thing called the second amendment where by people have the right to bear arms to protect themselves including from unlawful encroachment of the government on their rights.
    • TPLF knew that an armed Oromo is pretty dangerous from the time they landed their feet in Oromia. They disarmed Oromos to the extent of depriving their right to carry sticks and Mencaa. The only thing that was left was to take away even the knives that our mothers used to cut onion. By fully invading the Oromo land, they diligently work on disarming our people besides committing massacres.
    • The paradigm shift, as we have been saying repeatedly should be to begin arming the Oromo people by taking the weapons from the TPLF itself. Engaging them not in day light and in a conventional way but by making night raids on their garrisons, depos and police stations.
    • We need to work with the Oromos and representatives of other people in the army to arm our people one at a time.
    • Any existing liberation forces should stop complaining about availability of weapons and start working on expropriating what is already available from the TPLF defense forces.
    • All trained members of the liberation forces can get into the center of the country and begin organizing guerrilla warfare as our ancestors did in their unprecedented heroic fights against the Italian fascists.
    • This is the only way, when we begin to make them pay for the atrocities they are committing against our people, that they will start to come to terms with reality.
    • We need to know that they appeared to be lions all these years because we allowed them to be so. We sat while they were standing on us and looking down upon us.
    • The Oromo people are heroic, egalitarian, God fearing, kind and magnanimous. In the Oromo culture, you do not beat a guy who has kneeled down and is begging for mercy. To the contrary, the TPLF animals have been killing unarmed 2 year old and 8 years old children, young students with bare hand, girls, mothers and old men and women.
      • The only way you can stop these animals is by making them pay for what they did and that can only happen when our people are armed and begin taking part in the guerrilla warfare (just armed struggle) to get rid of the TPLF fascists.
    • We need to know that even after the TPLF is gone, the Oromo people should have an armed civil defense system to never go back to subjugation and be able to defend their God given human rights to live in peace and harmony with all the people of the land.

Let us never give into the tactics and tricks of the fascist minority TPLF and let us work on getting rid of them to enable our people ascertain their right to ownership of Oromia including Finfinee-it is not up to Wayane to determine what we can have and what we cannot have. They are illegitimate and they do not belong and should not have the right to rule us from our ancestral land-Finfinee.


  1. as you have said,the primary solution to get rig off the fascist TPLF and restore our right is succeeded through armed struggle. for this reason, to organize strong armed for is incomparable issue. but to establish strong armed force, it needs use to have strong diplomacy with countries like Somalia, Kenya, Sudan and South Sudan, which have national boundaries with oromia. after creating diplomacy with at least one or two of these countries, all things are simple!

  2. Falmaa:
    I am not so concerned with diplomacy and armed struggle as self-descipline, mutual respect, team spirit, unity and committiment to the principle of self-determination, producing and supporting powerful organization and capable leadership who put the interest of the nation above their personal egos. The cards we need are all in our hands, but we just don’t know how to play as a team.
    Many blame TPLF for the suffering of Oromos. For me the Oromo political leadership is at least as criminal as TPLF terrorists.
    If a ceratin grouping which is supposed to wage an armed struggle suddenly emerges from no where and declares unarmed peaceful protesters including women and children as OLF and WBO and invites the enemy for massacre and itself for negotioation with an enemy who committed the worst genocide after Rwanda, then the group is not only committing crime against humanity but fooling themselves and their own people only to access state power at the expense of tens of thousands of innocent lives.
    A liberation struggle requires a full team effort to be successful. It’s only when everyone in the team plays productively focusing on the bigger picture and understands not only how to hit the enemy but identify hazards, assess risk, and select the appropriate control measures to eliminate or minimize risks, accidents, and near misses that the likelihood of success is almost certain. Like in a foot ball game if every one focuses on taking the ball to the net for personal glory the team most likely loses. I think that is why our beloved Nagessa Oddo Dube emphasized recently the importance of building an effective intelligence before building an effective army(whose existence is unknown to me).

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