F-15 jet crashes outside Washington, DC :-RTPublished time: 5 Apr, 2017

F-15 jet crashes outside Washington, DC:- RT

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  1. Half of Ethiopia’s Donkeys are in Oromia so Oromos get affected more than anyother ethnicity by selling Donkey’s meat . Donkey is being exported by woyane so we Oromos do not make a living in Ethiopia but slave ourselves in Arab world. The Agames tell us ” go to Arab world to and purchase a vehicle.”

    the Agames say to us Oromos “sell your donkey to pay your way to the Arab world, you can make enough to buy vehicles you will not miss your donkey plus you will be transformed into a civilized person by using vehicles instead of donkeys . ”

    if we don’t do what the Agame cadres tell us the soldiers kill us.

    We Oromos are literally being killed over land , over water , over donkey , over our identity and so on.

    First thing the Agame King Yohannes IV did when he got to power was sell Oromos as slaves to Europeans/ Arabs, same like what Woyane did and is still doing. Just because we were not chained physically it does not mean woyane’s did not sell us as slaves. To save our lives from woyanes bullets we left our country continued to go to Saudi even after we saw how brutal the Saudi’s were to All Ethiopians few years ago we still kept on going to Saudi and same type of abuse against Ethiopians in Saudi is coming soon . We were sold as slaves by Woyane.

    Yohannes IV literally chained us Oromos and sold us to Europeans and Arabs as slaves. . No other King has ever done that in Ethiopia’s history only the Agame King Yohannes IV did that .our whole generation is dieing whether inside or outside Ethiopia by the hand of the slave traders Agames. Woyane’s genocidal ethnic cleansing against Oromo people is so severe noone even cares about issues of economic security nomore.THE OROMIA”S Economic revolution talk which Woyane is talking about how Oromos can take economic market share back from Midroc and EFFORT within the next year by competing against EFFORT and MIDROC if we sell our donkeys and replace them with modern transportation vehicles is so out of touch with the reality.
    In History Woyane is holding a record for creating a time where more young people die within the country not to mention those that die while in exile so please shut up and leave us Oromos alone you kimalam agames we don’t care about your economic revolution talk. .


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