Federal Troops Took Over TPLF Backed Ethiopia’s Somali Region – Abdi Mohamoud Omar is arrested.

Federal Troops Took Over TPLF Backed Ethiopia’s Somali Region

– Abdi Mohamoud Omar is arrested.

05 Aug 2018 – Ethiopia’s National Defense Force seized control of highways, government buildings, and airport in Jijiga, capital of Ethiopia’s Somali region (pictured purple-blue).

“Reports of churches, houses, and cars of Amhara and Oromo minority groups in the area are under attack”, warned the United State State Department.

According to Reuters, federal soldiers arrived in the city on Friday night, where they fought the TPLF backed regional paramilitary forces.

These forces have been partly responsible for ethnic violence with the neighboring Oromia region, which has claimed hundreds of lives.

“Ethnic non-Somalis are the ones being targeted, and the region’s security forces are collaborating with them,” one resident told Reuters.

At least two Ethiopian Orthodox churches have been burned down, another witness said. Shops, hotels and banks remained closed, he added.

Ethiopia’s defense ministry confirmed the deployment of soldiers.

“The violence has not been halted despite attempts by defense forces and other security forces to restore calm,” the ministry said in a statement.

“As the region’s peace and security has come under threat, our defense forces will not remain silent in the face of unrest and chaos and will take necessary measures in accordance with constitutional obligations.”

TPLF supporter Abdi Mohamoud Omar, President of Ethio-Somali regional state, who had fought a proxy war through manipulation and since recently threatening the federal system of disintegration is arrested following the reformist Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s military intervention

Via:Eritrean Press


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