Ethiopia’s ruling party Bilxiginnaa is threatening civil servants with administrative punishments if they fail to attend a rally in support of the party.

Ethiopia’s ruling party #Bilxiginnaa is threatening civil servants with administrative punishments if they fail to attend a rally in support of the party.

This contravenes article 159 of the election proclamation, the English version of which reads

<< Organising, training or forcibly recruiting people or group with a view of instilling agenda of a political party through force or intimidation is punishable by law.>>

Again Article 142 (5) prohibits <<abuse of power by offering a bribe, threatening a penalty or use of any other means of intimidation.>>

NEBE chairperson Birtukan Mideksa must initiate an investigation into this unlawful act and take action. This was a common practice under Bilxiginnaa’s predecessor, the EPRDF. #Election2020


It is not just ኮሚሽኑ who has been for people to attend ruling party rallies, but also mayors and administrators.

Jawar Mohammed

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  1. It’s never been uncommon for the Ethiopian polity to function in unimaginably odd ways that deviate from acceptable standards and norms. Government officials’ primary worries have been trying to please their masters and staying in power at the expense of the Ethiopian peoples in general and the historically marginalized nations in particular. I heard John Markakis takling about the former EPRDF cadres, particularly, about OPDO officials sometimes back, during the “Oromo Protests”, when Agazi forces were unleashed on the Oromo people. Markakis stated that “OPDO cadres and officials were living good lives in return for their supports, serving and enabling TPLF in Oromia”. The same cadres, including Abiy Ahmed are in the front seats now, serving neo-neftegna agendas of reincarnating and reimposing the neftegna system. Forcing civil servants to support PP and threatening people to forcibly stage false support rallies may just please the disillusioned prime minister who is waging wars on his own people at the requests of his neo-neftegna handlers. Of course, the anti-Oromo neo-neftegna media and cadres use the false support rallies to mask the sufferings our people are being subjected to.

    What about the Ethiopian peoples? Are they going to comfort to government’s “business as usual” or are they going to rise up and oppose to the misrule effectively? Martin Luther King has compelling message for those who aspire for freedom. He observes that “… the oppressor never voluntarily gives freedom to the oppressed. You have to work for it. Freedom is never given to anybody. Privileged classes never give up their privileges without strong resistance”.

    The great Oromo people and other nations who have been trapped in the Ethiopian government’s misrule must take their struggles very serious and take back control as PP has no intention of democratizing Ethiopia. The agendas of Abiy Ahmed and his neo-neftegna handlers rather indicate that “toddlocracy” and “neftegnaism” are on the card instead of democracy and self-rule for the Ethiopian peoples.

    Wake up and act in unison!

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