Ethiopia’s Political Parties Must Learn the Concept of ‘Give and Take’

Ethiopia’s Political Parties Must Learn the Concept of ‘Give and Take’ 

Wow! very  interesting .The  TPLF after almost thirty years on power shamelessly defending the Indefensible.
What can possibly account for this? Is it moral brazenness? Is it intellectual blindness? Is it ideological stubbornness? Perhaps a combination of all three?
Whatever the cause, it is more than a little reprehensible.

By Yohannes Gebresellasie (Ph.d.)

(All Africa) — Political parties do have a responsibility to teach and reach out to their followers not only to make them well aware of democratic rules, ethics and norms but also to make sure that they and their followers strictly respect the democratic principles of negotiation.

Normally external observers may be invited to observe the proceedings of discussions and to provide their expertise opinion regarding the election process. However, they also have a responsibility not to interfere and meddle within the internal affairs of a sovereign nation. With the code of conduct that deals with rights and responsibilities of international observers already put in place, it is believed that all invited international observers will rectify some mistakes few previous observers committed. They will strictly adhere to their professional observer ethics as opposed to imposing whatever hidden agenda they may want to peruse using parties’ negotiations.

It is also hoped that external observers will make unbiased, balanced and good appreciation of the situation on the ground in order to draw a conscious and wise concluding remark of their observation.

The public at large has taken a lesson or two from previous elections and is now more conscious, well aware and is better equipped to do an excellent job this time. This is because the public is much better aware of party politics, electoral processes, procedures and proceedings thanks among others to the advent of technology. Further, media outlets have been instrumental in teaching the public at large about the importance of conducting a peaceful, free, fair and democratic election.

Much as the reality on the ground shows a very conducive environment for a peaceful, free, fair and democratic upcoming national election in Ethiopia, a few individuals, groups and parties that have sold the national interest of this beautiful nation are using host countries’ tax-payers money for pathetic and despicable purposes: So as to slake their personal and/or group ambitions. Among these groups are the replica of the former red terror and current Genbot-7, the OLF, and ONLF.

They are using a few deluded innocent Diaspora backed up and directed by Shabia are also actively engaged in a shameful subversion to confuse the international community about the upcoming national election. They are currently very busy knocking at the doors of foreign government representatives, embassies and contacting different self appointed institutions such as the Human Rights Watch, The International Crisis Group, etc. and providing bogus, injurious and uncorroborated information in order to spoil, disrupt and undermine the upcoming national election.