Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed: Listen Carefully, Give Attention and Move Wisely

Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed: Listen Carefully, Give Attention and Move Wisely

(Our Struggle is Significantly Bigger than the Restoration of Internet/Phones Access)

By Worku Burayu (PhD), April 1, 2020

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Summary: Oromoo Sabakoo: Our struggle is significantly bigger than the restoration of Internet/Phones access. When you move unconnectedly and apart, your struggle would be confined for the response of many but sometimes insignificant short-term problems. When you gear all your energy organized in unity towards the right to self-determination you will get the final solution for your own questions. Continue your struggle until you be a driver not the passenger in your life. Our questions will be concluded when the right to self-determination is realized and choice of the people is executed and respected.

Ethiopia imposed an Internet and communications blackout on 7 January 2020, citing security concerns in areas under federal military control – namely Western Oromia’s Kellem Wellega, West Wellega, East Wollega and the Horo Gudru Wellega zones.  I wrote my concern on 8 January 2020 following the internet and communication blockade and emphasized the requirement of attention by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on my article Blocking Media Outlets and Telephone Services as a Tool to Hide the “Genocidal Action” in Oromia.” In my article, I complained the no measure or no say by the UN HR, National and International media outlets, prominent activists, politician and all political parties in Ethiopia. Yesterday, March 30, 2020, I also wrote my concern about Ethiopia’s PM two years irresponsible journey ( .

Today, let me give thanks to Rupert Colville, Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights for his rightly concern on 27 March 2020 about media outlets blockade in parts of Ethiopia and his call on Ethiopia to ensure that everyone has ready and unhindered access to the internet and phone services particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. While recognizing the response, I still demand the UN HR to appoint a special observer to evaluate issues around the Western and Southern Oromia. I also acknowledge, activists, press and human rights groups, politician and political parties that had actively campaigned for government to restore internet access in the affected areas. The campaign got a renewed motivation with the coronavirus pandemic as campaigners insisted that people in the region risked not getting enough information of the public health crisis. Thousands of Facebook users and number of activists condemned the blackout particularly in the emerge of the COVID-19 pandemic and pushed for the restoration of internet connections, telephone lines and other basic necessity supply chains.

Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed finally bows to the internal and external pressures, restores internet and phone connectivity in Western Oromia after 3 heartbreaking months. But many residents I have contacted this morning said they were still unable to connect to internet. Oromia never experienced such lengthy cuts in the past. People in these areas will partly (since movements are restricted by Command Post) get badly needed updates what is currently going in their country and on the pandemic dangerous virus. Well, Internet and Phones access restored to western Oromia. State run FBC also confirmed that connectivity had return claiming the improved peace in the area. Shemelis Abdissa, Oromia’s regional president also said there is complete peace in Western Oromia justifying his visit to the area and resumption of development work. If all these sayings are true, here is our short-term question:

  1. Unconditionally lift the illegal State of Emergency imposed on Oromia,
  2. Allow UN HR to establish an independent inquiry commission to investigate an abuse of power by the military in areas that are under the state of emergency,
  3. Listen to people’s grievances and start genuine dialogue with disgruntled groups
  4. End the killings of Oromo at different locations,
  5. Unconditionally release political prisoners such as Abdi Regassa, Yazew Kabada and many more,

Oromo! don’t forget for a second the aforementioned problems were created by the maker, the maker that has been terrorizing the Oromo People since it came to power. The making and unmaking of the problem is solely the responsibility of Abiy’s administration. Thus, it should be forced to give remedy for problems he was creating. A lot expected from the prominent human right activists to expose the intention of the Ethiopian government to the World. Within your capacity and with collaboration of friends make awareness and make clear that “Without Democracy, No Human Right and No peace.” Make clear that human rights protection inevitably requires democratization. Oromo activists: make awareness that Abiy and Lemma are untrustworthy and guilty of dishonesty. They are the cheater of the cheater. Abiy is not only extremely treacherous but also childish. He usually shows us a malicious act of foul. The whole thing he is doing so indirect, so monstrous in its periphrases, that he did not want to accept it. Politicians, activists and political party leaders don’t close your mouth, eye and ear by Power of money or corruption!

Horaa Bulaa!

ምስጋና ቀልድ ነው???

ዛሬ አባትና እናትህን በግፍ የሚገል ግለሰብን ስታመሰግነው፤ ነገ ደሞ እራስህን ይገላል።

ዶ/ር ገመቺስ ለ3ወር ኢንቴርነትና ስልክ ዘግቶባቸው አለም ድምፃቸውን እንዳትሰማ ንፁሃንን በግፍ ሲገድል የነበረውን አብይን አመሰገነ።

“Waajjirri ABO G/Shawaa bahaa Aanaa Boosat magaalaa Doonii jiru waraana mootummaan cifsiifamee jira.Waraanni waajjiricha cufe bulchiisa Aanaa Boosatu akka cufnu nu ajaje jedhan jedhama. Bulchaan magaalaa Doonii hanga bulchaan Aanaa Boosat Obbo Caalchisaan heeyyama ABOf kennutti magaalaa kanatti waajjira kana deebiftanii akka hin banne jechuun akeekkachiisa kennan jedhama.Itoophiyaan haala kanaan filannoof qophii godhaa jirti.Raajidha.

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1 thought on “Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed: Listen Carefully, Give Attention and Move Wisely

  1. Indeed, Dr Worku Burayu!

    “Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed: Listen Carefully Give Attention and Move Wisely”.

    Abiy Ahmed, whose mission of resuscitating sick old Ethiopia has targeted the great Oromo people, who are supposedly his constituents and possible power base, for destruction in order to achieve the dreams of his neo-neftegna handlers. Since it is not going to be “business as usual” in treating and mistreating the Oromo in their ancestral land, Abiy Ahmed must stop and think very carefully. He cannot brush Oromo just demands under the carpet and sleepwalk to resurrect Menilik II on the blood of Oromo children. He must comprehend that the Oromo qeerroo and qarree are determined generation who will never stop short of shaping the future of the Oromo people and their own destiny. Our people have proved their ability to rise up in unison and fighting for their inalienable rights during the recent “Oromo protests”, and can readily replicate their experience of defeating fascist TPLF to standing up to Abiy Ahmed’s neo-neftegna government and achieving their lasting freedom. It must be clear to friends and foes that the way the Ethiopian government is answering Oromo just demands may well determine whether Ethiopia will continue as a country or whether the empire founded on blood and held together by force disintegrates.

    Therefore, the Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, must deal with the cause of our people with at most sensitivity. Equally, he must abandon his dream of “becoming the 7th king of empire Ethiopia” as well as playing the neo-neftegna anti-Oromo cards, and address Oromo fundamental questions. Honest politics is the only remedy for Ethiopia’s political illnesses.

    Above all, the great Oromo people must act in unison and work
    diligently to achieve their freedom and gain justice. On the same note, all Oromo “elites” must involve themselves in the struggles of our people not only intellectually but also emotionally and provide essential strong leadership. Oromo intelligentsia must identify and promote capable and unifying leaders, who can take our people’s struggles to the next highest levels they deserve, and rally behind them in their endeavours to lead. Just like Gandhi “mobilized and galvanized [the Indian] people to refuse to cooperate with an evil law, … [and] was able to break the backbone of the British Empire”, the great Oromo people can easily force the Ethiopian repressive government to kneel down if they are given great leadership. Leaders who are capable of leading our people to utilize their immense potential to achieve their freedom are essential.

    “Leadership is of the spirit compounded of personality and vision”

    Freedom and justice for the great Oromo people!

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