Ethiopia’s information battlefield!

Ethiopia’s information battlefield!

(Thenewhumanitarian)—The Eritrean army might be pulling out of Tigray. Or it might not. The Ethiopian prime minister may have made an inflammatory speech to a closed party gathering. Or the recording may be a fake. The human rights and humanitarian crisis in Tigray is reportedly severe and deepening, and the UN on 3 June announced a new appeal to limit the war’s impact on millions of people. But it then deleted the tweet. Meanwhile, the government briefed journalists on “recovery” and the “return of normalcy”. A hyper-partisan information battlefield makes getting impartial information about the Tigray situation hard, and leaves little space for peacemaking. What we do know is that a coordinated diplomatic call for a ceasefire and the opening up of humanitarian access has been rejected by Addis Ababa. And we know people are getting hungrier: Famine watchdog FEWS NET said some parts of eastern, central, and northwestern Tigray are already experiencing the worst “catastrophic” level of food insecurity. 

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