Ethiopian Youth: The TPLF Regime Surreptitiously Watches as The Citizens Are Humiliated in Various Parts of The World

Ethiopian Youth: – The TPLF Regime Surreptitiously Watches as The Citizens Are Humiliated in Various Parts of The World.

Ethiopian Youth
File: Seventy Ethiopian migrants drowned after their boat sank near the entrance to the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen, Arab News, Dec 9, 2014

By Denboba Natie

The Endless Exodus of Ethiopian Youth, And Their Heart-Wrenching Stories

The stories of Ethiopians, particularly, of the youth, who flee State-terrorism and poverty to their final demises is endless and heart wrenching. Hundreds of thousands Ethiopian youth perish annually before they arrive to their unknown destinations. Evidences from surviving migrants also indicate that, there are tens of thousands of Ethiopian migrants unaccounted for, who leave their country, yet vanish on their way. Tens of thousands also remain captives of Arab and African traffickers who often keep them in degrading manner, enslaved unless they pay an obligatory ransom. Moreover, tens of thousands of Ethiopians also perish in the Arabian, Red and Mediterranean Seas, on yearly basis whilst attempting to cross to Europe and Arab countries. Furthermore, the recent brutality of Italian police to the Ethiopian refugees in the heart of Europe is also a reminder of the fact that, the suffering of Ethiopian refugees is increasingly undermined although it’s ongoing “Police use water cannon on migrants in Rome, reflecting new, hard-line tactics

Nothing shows the magnitude of grievances of the Ethiopian youth than stating their determination to flee the Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front (TPLF) state-terrorism and poverty, albeit, on the funeral ceremony of the Ethiopian youth who’ve been slain by ISIS on Libyan desert in 2015 whilst attempting to cross the country. The majority peoples of Ethiopia, out of about 104 million, live under poverty line, earning less than $1,25 a day, although World Bank (WB) erroneously praises the TPLF apartheid for its elusive economic success which hardly trickles to the majority from the pockets of the TPLF politicians and generals. The irony is that, WB and various Western interest groups ignore tens of billions of dollars, a hard-earned currency, the TPLF regime embezzles to conceal it in various foreign banks including in the West.

Regardless, the incumbent claims that its miraculous economic success is a real, although it has hardly lifted the population from the crippling poverty. The fact on the ground speaks volume.  Any person can observe tens of thousands of families and children (if not in millions), who’re left destitute, begging on the streets of the capital as well as regional and Zone towns; who are denied of their dignity and livelihoods due to landgrab policy of the TPLF regime. Due this, social unrest is also ongoing and real. The smoldering fire is actively smoking needing a genuine change.

As we speak, over 10 million Ethiopians are gravely needing continuous food assistances as their livelihoods are seriously compromised due to various factors; mainly government’s inapt economic policy coupled with drastic change in an annual rainfall for several years. Instead of addressing perniciously incapacitating poverty of decades, by mobilizing the effort of the peoples by unifying them to be able to alleviate poverty and deprivation, the TPLF regime rather focused on dividing and conquering various nations of the country by collectively brutalizing them, with sole objective of exploiting their resources by clinging onto power.

The TPLF apartheid boasting of its racist economic miracle of the last 26 years, time and again failed to recognize its drawbacks and inadequacy, hence refusing to concede that it must voluntarily leave the office for an alternative arrangement and an injection of fresh blood into the Ethiopian politics in different way than tried thus far. I argue that, doing so would bring about the lasting solution for a crippling poverty and debilitating deprivation caused by these traditional rulers. The leadership model of the north thus far proved futile, hence needing a brad-new approach. The south’s stakeholders who are traditionally relegated, must take the ownership of their own affairs to bring about genuine solution.

As indicated, most of the Ethiopian youth who flee their country are the children impoverished majority; whose dreams and aspirations are shattered as result of the TPLF misguided and racist polices which creates propitious conditions only for its (Tigray) elites, its business empires and politicians. The children of the TPLF politicians, generals and their loyalists are sent out by direct routes to be schooled in various prestigious European and American private schools, enjoying the privileges of using the monies belonging to 104 million, but owned by their elite parents who have illegally possessed the wealth they extravagantly spend in Europe, America, middle and far east. Those who are left behind, including the parents of those who flee the country, are also subjected to a multitude of tragedies including, continued state-terrorism orchestrated and stage-managed by the TPLF and its regional and local agents, subjugation and discrimination, in addition to poverty caused by successive governments’ mismanagement of resources.

The Political Landscape in Ethiopia Since 1991

The politico-social and economic landscape in Ethiopia has been drastically changed since mid-1991, after the TPLF has controlled the country by toppling its predecessor. The TPLF monopolized Ethiopia and the lives of its subjects in many ways including, total monopoly of political and military leadership, economy, security and foreign affairs by denying the subjects of their fundamental rights to decent life in their own land, by increasingly eroding their dignity, self-esteem and pride. In the contrary, those who are illegally benefiting from the indicated drastic changes (blessing for the TPLF elites, Curse for the majority), claim that, Ethiopia is moving in the right direction in terms of its economic development and progress in its utopian democratic process.

Furthermore, diametrically opposing to the indicated, the majority who become the victims of this regime’s misguided policies and actions, attest that, their all-round lives have been irreparably damaged. The later believe that, they are increasingly subjected to ongoing state-terrorism in addition to political and economic subjugation. For example, tens of millions of families lost their hard-earned properties, they built it in generations; due to the continued expropriation of their lands by destroying their houses, to vacate their plot of lands for the new colonizer, the TPLF politicians and its military commanders. For the TPLF regime, land grabbing practices became a routine -as doing so proved lucrative. Since 1991, hundreds of Tigray born and bred individuals become multimillionaires by trading by the lands of displaced Ethiopians. Due to such recklessly illegal landgrab of the regime, tens of millions of peasants have been forcibly uprooted from their ancestral lands in various parts of the country, to be left destitute and their children with no hope and aspiration. The TPLF has always refused making any concession.

Disheartened due to ongoing exploitation of their resources, discrimination and subjugation in their own soil, the Ethiopian youth are obliged to be pushed out of the country. This is the reason for an ongoing outflow of the youth to unknown horizons preferring to suffer in foreign lands than in their own. The exodus of Ethiopian youth began soon after the Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front (TPLF) usurped power in mid-1991. Ever since, it is exponentially increasing year by year at unprecedented speed. As we speak, through all corners of Ethiopia, the number of youth fleeing the country is continuing, despite the danger they likely to face, including beheading by ISIS; as it has been the case, when over 30 Ethiopian youth were beheaded in the Libyan desert in April 2015, “Slaughter on the beach: ISIS behead and shoot more Ethiopian Christians in sickening new propaganda video“.

The suffering of the Ethiopian youth is endless and multidimensional. Within the country, the TPLF mainly targets and subjects them to ongoing massacre, unlawful incarcerations and tortures and economic discrimination. Who flee their country also become the subjects of death in seas, deserts; and physical, psychological and emotional torments in various parts of the world. Those who manage to arrive to their unsettling destinations are often subjected to murder and humiliating conditions including rape and killing of girls, and murdering of boys; working under degrading conditions only equivalent to slavery.

Moreover, for example, the Saudi-Arabian government decided to expel illegal migrants from its land since 2013. During these periods, most of illegal migrants were reported to be from Ethiopia. Between 2013 and 2016, the number of Ethiopian migrants illegally working in Saudi Arabia were reported to be between 450,000 and 500,000. Similar numbers are working in various gulf states. During the 2016 Saudi Arabian expulsion alone, the number of Ethiopians illegally working in various Saudi households were between 165 and 200,000,  “Saudi Arabia: Mass Expulsions of Migrant Workers“.

The inhumane treatments, the Ethiopian migrant workers are subjected to, in the middle east is beyond comprehension. They are bought and sold like slaves. As indicated, rape of girls is common, as is the murder of both male and female workers. There has been recorded evidence on how the Saudi police personnel have dragged an Ethiopian girl on the street to her death. Further credible evidences also were made available to the Diaspora peoples of Ethiopia, from the survivors of such harrowing experiences in Arab countries. For example, when the husband rapes given girl, the wife stubs her to death afterwards. If husband erroneously suspects the boy of having an affair with their often-spoilt wives, these boys are often stabbed to death or thrown from high story buildings to their final demises. The TPLF Apartheid surreptitiously watches as these unsettling realities unfold. The irony is that, the TPLF agents in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) are the key Agents in sending most of female workers as housemaids to Arab countries after charging them exorbitant fees; yet the TPLF agents hardly care for the safety and wellbeing of the workers after their arrivals. Similarly, the Ethiopian embassies, owned by and work for the TPLF and its agents, do little or nothing to support these unfortunate citizens.

The Role and Responses of The West Politicians and Their Racist Medias

Considering such unsettling and pressing realities, the irony is that, the West’s politicians continually hail the TPLF regime for its elusive economic success and for creating stability in the country and in the entire horn. They praise it for its fake double-digit growth of the past one and a half decade. In the contrary, the standard of living for the majority people of Ethiopia has gone from bad to worst since the TPLF took over power. If the West’s politicians refer to hundreds of multiple story buildings built and owned by the TPLF politicians, business empire and their generals as the signs of genuine development of the country, they must have got it extremely wrong, or else became oblivious, as they usually are.

It’s imperative that the West’s politicians blatantly deny the pushing factors of the youth to their death, when vested interests poses silence. They ignore that the youth of the country even choose the worst country in the world in the aspects of its instability, such as Yemen to Ethiopia. The West politicians have time and again proved their hatred of the peoples of this country as they surreptitiously watch as tragedy after tragedy unfold. However, I believe that, since the October 2015’s Oromo national revolution – followed by the Amhara resistances, the West’s politicians must be biting their tongues, if they assert the reality.

The news of Ethiopian subjects who flee their country due to ongoing state-terrorism and poverty, only grabs the headlines of few independent Medias such as Aljazeera and the other few human rights organizations, yet hardly mainstream Medias owned and managed by West’s politicians and supper riches; proving that, there are no governments, but only few people in the world to be trusted, apart from own efforts to be able to earn justice, freedom and democracy.


The TPLF apartheid, time and again proved its inadequacy in defending the rights of citizens in various parts of the world. All embassies of the country are solely focused on running the political interests of the TPLF and Tigreans, hardly for no one else. The humiliation of Ethiopian workers in various Arab countries hardly interests the TPLF and its Embassies who are rather busy themselves by coercively collecting the hard-earned blood money of the migrant workers under the pretext of Diaspora, to satisfy their sadistically insatiable appetite for material gain; as is the case within Ethiopia. The TPLF regime shown that, it remotely cares for the citizens of the country to treat them as equal stakeholders. Evidences time and again shown that, this regime resorted to addressing all quest of the people of the country for freedom, democracy and economic fairness, with unprecedented level of barbarism. The TPLF also shown that no one is entitled to ownership of the economy, political, military and security leadership positions, but itself.

The pushing factor of the Ethiopian youth to death and destruction as well as humiliating conditions is the TPLF alone. The TPLF is malignant cancer of the country needing only one thing, the total removal to heal the wounds it has created due to many reasons in addition to the indicated. To be able to treat this pernicious ‘Anaemia’ of the country, known as the TPLF apartheid, the unity of all stakeholders, setting their differences aside, becomes paramount important. And it must be sooner than later, before it’s too late to mend it.

May, the souls of the youth of Ethiopia, unnecessarily lost in the Mediterranean, Red and Arabian seas, Indian Ocean; Arabian and Sahara Deserts, Various African countries, and on the streets of various Arab countries and their households, and around 15,000 massacred civilians by TPLF in Ethiopia since 1991, rest in peace.

By Denboba Natie  September 13, 2017