Ethiopian Prime Minister Receives 2019 World Tourism Award

Addis Ababa, Aug 17 (Prensa Latina) Print media, radio stations, television channels, and different digital communication platforms in Ethiopia highlight today the announcement of the country”s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, as winner of the 2019 World Tourism Award.
The World Tourism Forum announced that Ahmed was named among nominated leaders for his outstanding and exemplary efforts to promote the growth and improvement of the Ethiopian tourism industry, according to a morning Addis TV report.

Fana Broadcasting Corporate also reviewed progress in the sector since the rise to power of the premier in 2018, and reported that the award will be presented in November in London, the United Kingdom.

The television broadcast also noted that the news of the awarding of the Ethiopian leader attracted many visits to its digital edition and, in addition, is one of the most commented on topics on social networks this Saturday.

On August 7, the President of the Forum, Bulut Bagci, declared in Addis Ababa that he is willing to promote collaborative projects with Ethiopia, to increase the development of the tourism sector in this African nation.

Based in Istanbul, the World Tourism Forum is an organization that works under the auspices of the government of Turkey, bringing together international leaders and representatives, and has as its main objective the development of tourism around the world.