The Ethiopian Government’s systematic violence against Oromo ..

The Ethiopian Government’s systematic violence against Oromo professionals is not a hidden policy at all. It has been the official campaign coincided with the EPRDF plan, to force the Oromo people and professionals to accept its dictatorial policy, as it was officially indicated in EPRDF’s organ “Revolutionary Democracy” and internal journal, “Hizbawi Adera”, Peoples Custodian of December 1996 –January 1997, vol. 4 No.7 issue. It has been as the result of this genocidal policy of Ethiopian Government that, thousands of civilians like farmers, business-men, civil servants, lawyers, students, elders and women were arbitrarily detained and brutally tortured in Oromia, the place where majority of ethnic Oromos resides, by the EPRDF’s special commando force.

It has been the result of this systematic, structural and outrageous political violence that has forced hundreds of several senior prosecutors, judges, journalists and other citizens to flee from Ethiopia. Similar to Mr. Leggese Gurmu, Justice Teshale Abera, 42 year old, was Chief Justice of the Oromia State Supreme Court in Ethiopia, a position he assumed in 2001, having been a President of the High Court since 1997. He arrived in the UK for a conference in November 2006 and sought political asylum there. He had disagreed with many of the policies of the EPRDF Government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, especially after the suppression of the people following the elections of May 2005, where 193 people were killed and tens of thousands were detained. He could not return back to Ethiopia because of the serious political problems he faced before he left that country. Similarly, Judge Wolde-Michael Meshesha and jugde Frehiwot Samual, Federal Courts Judges, had been all been forced to leave their country for fear of reprisals, including detention, torture and death for mere reason that they wanted to carry out their works based on the professional ethics and integrity their profession requires.

Via: Dhábasá Wakjira Gemela


MO’AA TV: “Keessummaa MO’AA” Dr. Nagaasoo Gidaadaa Wajjin.

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