Ethiopian government created communication crises in Oromia worsening coronavirus pandemic!

Ethiopian government created communication crises in Oromia worsening coronavirus pandemic!

Millions could lose their lives in Oromia alone!
Oromo the coronavirus is worse than the so called “Addis Ababa Master Plan”!

By Aba Orma, PhD, March 20, 2020

Governments around the world are wrestling with the coronavirus pandemic and doing everything possible to spare the lives of their citizens from this new pandemic virus. At this time, the only cure available is not to be infected-PREVENTION of the spread of the virus.  Universally accepted prevention are Social distancing and Hand-hygiene.

Social distancing means to avoid gatherings of people in a confined space. The recommended spacing between people at any time is at least 6 feet. Hand-hygiene is washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds thoroughly.

We all know that Ethiopia and for that matter almost all African countries do not have testing kits and the medical system can easily be overwhelmed and leave the majority of the population to fend for themselves.  But to do that citizens must be educated and provided with up to date information.  BUT the sad truth is more than 20 million Oromos are cut-off from any communication and left in the darkness by the Abiy administration for long time and still not getting any information on preventions.

Countries like Iran released prisoners in the sprite of saving lives and observing social distancing. Whereas the Ethiopian government is putting more citizens in an already overcrowded jails to make matters worse. We have heard from former prisoners how the prisons are over capacity and 20 to 50 people are sandwiched in a small prison cells.

It is refreshing to see the Oromo Liberation Front making coronavirus a serious concern and call on the government and the people to demand that communication is restored in all areas and prison doors be opened so that political prisoners do not die for no wrong doing of their own. We should call on all political organizations to do the same.

There is no more noble cause than the looming danger of the coronavirus to call for action. Oromos everywhere must unite and come up with plan of actions to force this government to:

  1. Restore communication to all areas of the country, especially the West and South Oromia where all communication service has been cut-off.
  2. Release all political prisoners immediately.
  3. Stop harassing, intimidating, and mass detention of supporters of oppositions.
  4. Dismantle illegal command posts.

The government has to be given three days to do this and if not a blanket stay home for five days throughout Oromia.

Oromoon Oromoo haa birmanuu!!