Ethiopian Army Surrenders!!

News Sep 11: TDF Gondar city – EU aid Tigray – Power Generation GERD

Ethiopian Army Surrenders

TDF – 5 Important Places -Amhara  Filakit

Can TDF be pushed out of Amhara Region?

TDF taken control of sekota Town  Amhara forces killing tigryan civilians

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  1. To Oromos and people from the South who have access to YouTube,

    About the 2nd Video Clip on this page:

    There is a man known as “The Voice of Reason” who is producing open-source based news and intelligence reports on the war the Chauvinist Amhara Neftegna State of Ethiopia is waging on the people of Tigray & Oromia whom you should support…His Channel is called “The Military & Foreign Affairs Network.”

    Here is the Link: https//

    Let me just say, “The Voice of Reason” is driving the bigoted descendants of Amhara Neftegna class in the diaspora and in Ethiopia CRAZY! As you well know, the descendants of the Amhara elite in the West far OUTNUMBER those of us from the Colonized people because they were the privileged bunch who could travel outside AND WITHIN Ethiopia as they wished, until very recently!

    So go check out his YouTube Channel, AND SUBSCRIBE and support him! He, deserves our support!

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