Ethiopian Army infighting

Ethiopian Army infighting

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Dessie city has been hacked by Bandow ‘ the city administration told the city citizens that illegal weapons can’t be allowed in the city ‘ they also said Bandow was captured in the city.
Dessie ‘ is feeling a lot of heavy ‘ that caused ‘ the war between the government and the Tigrian forces. The city’s walk is very small this afternoon until tonight ‘ and most of the city is felt in Cakiran situation.
Follow the news here I will be back if God wills.
Nj nj.. n Ogaadenia media Addis Ababa

A heavy war occurred in Metekel region in Benishangul.
Dablay Ababulan receiving support from ‘ Rebellion ‘ Benishangul ‘ has been reported to have attacked the government’s army sitting under Metekel region which became homeless.
Bulan wars occurred in Bulan districts and other agencies. The situation is tough.
The war has reached Kamash region in Benishangul region ‘ many areas in that region have been involved in ‘ How to report the Benishanugul ‘ Front Rebel.
On the other hand, the government army said that they clapped a bad hand with ‘ support from ‘ TPLF and OLA ‘ who attacked ‘ Metekel ‘ is how they made the speech.
I’ll be back if God wills.
Nj nj.. n Ogaadenia media Addis Ababa

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