Ethiopian and African-American Researchers Reveal “The Greatest Historical Cover-Up of the Ages:”

Ethiopian and African-American Researchers Reveal “The Greatest Historical Cover-Up of the Ages:” The Omission of The Ancient History of KUSH from Genesis 2:13 due to Historical Bias and Scholastic Racism


Queen Of Sheba Research Foundation, Inc

CHICAGOSept. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today is Ethiopian New Year known as “Enkutatash” which is celebrated at the end of the rainy season, followed by Spring symbolizing eternal life and resurrection, as beautiful flowers began blooming through the land.  This day was chosen, by investigative researchers at the Queen of Sheba Research Foundation, to publish the results of fifty-years investigative research that has been hidden for ages: the history of ancient KUSH (the original name of ancient EthiopiaEgyptSudan and Nubia), spelled “Cush” in Genesis 2:13, which is mentioned in 41 out of 50 different versions of the bible.

Ancient KUSH of Genesis 2:13
The Queen of Sheba Foundation is a faith based non-profit research organization under the Parent Corporation,  ROOTS International which was incorporated as non-profit tax deductible corporation in  February 1987, in Chicago Illinois; the researcher believe their work is a divine mission to to reveal “A Secret Hidden for Ages” pursuant to “Colossians 1:25-26  that so states, “the mystery of what has been hidden from all ages since the world began is now made manifest to His Saints.” See1599 Geneva Bible.

For this reason, the researchers appeal to Leaders of the Black Church, and of Black Schools of Theology to form a Council to review the historical evidence and consider publishing an African Bible that will insert this history into its rightful place in the Book of Genesis, this is not to change the bible but to perfect it. 

The researchers further pray that leaders of the Black Church and members of academia will develop a new narrative on black history that goes beyond the painful legacy of colonialism, slavery and a religion taught to “slaves” by their “masters” that served to handicap the spiritual, intellectual and mental development of the Black Race, especially todays Black Youth.  The researchers note that time is long overdue to free Black Youth from the “mis-education” about their origins and to re-educate them with knowledge of their ancient history that existed no less than 70,000 years before slavery.  Such teachings will inspire genius and  greatness along with a strong cultural identity that will instill feelings of pride and self-worth within Black Youth so that they can face the future with a greater appreciation of self. 

The Queen of Sheba Research Foundation welcomes modern day descendants of KUSH to support its “Project Legacy 2021 Resurrection, Reclamation and Preservation Program, that includes the construction of a state-of-the-art ancient library-museum in the mountains of the Holy Land of Ethiopia (KUSH) that will protect and preserve this ancient history for another 2,000 years and beyond.      

For more information about “Project Legacy 2021, please visit our website at write to us at: or call (773)-268-1000

SOURCE Queen Of Sheba Research Foundation, Inc

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