Ethiopian Airlines suspends flights to 80 destinations!

Ethiopian Airlines suspends flights to 80 destinations!

Ethiopian Airlines, one of the fastest growing and profitable aviation group fully owned by Ethiopian government said it has suspended flights to 80 destinations because of COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

(newbusinessethiopia)—It is indicated that the Airline will continue its flights to Hong Kong and Washington, among others. Ethiopian Airlines has been flying to over 110 international destinations. Meanwhile Ethiopian Airlines said that it will continue cargo flights as usual. It has also indicated that local flights will continue even though the traffic has declined by 50 percent at the moment because of COVID-19 pandemic, according to the statement Ethiopian Airlines issued over the weekend.

It is recalled that about a week ago Ethiopian Airlines has announced suspending 30 flights and losing $190 million because of the coronavirus pandemic. Globally so far over 34,000 people have died of coronavirus pandemic, while 724,900 plus are infected by the virus.

አስቸኳይ መልዕክት ለመላው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ።

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  1. On February 14, 2020, a personal letter of appeal to the Ethiopian Airlines Authorities was published on The articles was entitled entitled, “Why does Ethiopian Airlines Maintain Commercial Flights to China in the Mideast of an Endemic there?” See under the subtitle HEALTH. It pleaded with the authorities to suspend immediately their commercial flights to and from China. At the time, more than 46 nations around the world had already halted their respective airlines’ commercial flights to China; and this drastic measure was, obviously, taken in order to contain the coronavirus endemic (at the time) to its source of origin. That appeal letter was posted exactly 45 days ago. Despite such an eminent danger posed to the well being of its citizens and others, until yesterday, Ethiopian Airlines was doing business as usual with China by maintaining multiple daily flights to and from that country. They tell the world that there are currently 20, or 30 individuals exposed to the COVID-19, and that most of these cases were imported by foreigners. This is quite laughable for anyone. But judging from what is currently going on around the world, the truth is the number of infected individuals in Ethiopia at this point may run in multiples of thousands. Just imagine: if each daily flight from China (and there are multiple flights, my be 4, every day) brought one infected individual per day for the last 45 days, and that infected individual passes on the disease to 3 other people (since the R0, or naught for this particular virus is 3), the number can he onerous high. The damage has already been done, meaning the announcement put out yesterday is a little too late. No amount of face-saving effort being made is going to absolve the authorities from the responsibility and monumental dereliction of duty.

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