Ethiopia,Eritrea and Saudi Seek to Host Talks Between

Ethiopia,Eritrea and Saudi Seek to Host Talks Between Somaliland and Somalia

Horndiplomat-Ethiopia, Eritrea and Saudi Arabia have joined countries that have shown interest in facilitating talks between Somaliland and Somalia.
(horndiplomat)—Several countries, including, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Turkey , Saudi Arabia and EU member states have also shown a keen interest in facilitating these prospective talks.
On 4 April, Ethiopian Prime minister, Abiy Ahmed said his government is committed to mediate Somalia and Somaliland.
Speaking at Jigjiga town during a meeting with the leaders of Ethio-Somali regional state, Abiy underscored that he will work on missions to stabilize horn of African region.
Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed Speaking at Jigjiga town during a meeting with the leaders of Ethio-Somali regional state.
“Acting on your call last year about the issue of Somalia and Somaliland, my government started efforts to broker dialogue between Somalia and Somaliland. The two sides are vital development and security of the region,” said PM Abiy.
The remarks of the PM comes a month barely after Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdivisited Addis Ababa following an invitation by the Ethiopian government.
The sides discussed regional peace and integration, in addition to bilateral ties.
On May 3, Saudi ambassador to Somalia Mohammed Abdi Khayat visited Somaliland and held bilateral talks with Somaliland President Muse Bihi at Presidential palace.

One of the areas discussed between Somaliland and Saudi Arabia was the possibility of any future Somaliland-Somalia talks taking place in the kingdom.
0n May 10, Eritrea has joined countries that have shown interest in facilitating prospective talks between Somalia and Somaliland.
Somalia deputy Prime Minister, Mahdi Mohamed Guled sees Asmara’s role in Somalia-Somaliland talks “important”, saying the East African nation is working to bring both sides to negotiating table.
“Eritrea expressed keen interest to facilitate future Somalia-Somaliland talks in Asmara” – Somalia Deputy PM
Somaliland President receives Eritrean delegation Led by Foreign Minister Osman Saleh
Eritrea’s Foreign Minister, Osman Saleh and Presidential Advisor Mr Yemane Gebreab paid a visit to Somaliland last March and held a meeting with President Muse Bihi in Hargeisa after his trip to Mogadishu the following month, beginning arbitration.
The talks which the Turkish government hosted collapsed on March 2015 and all attempts to revive the stalled negotiation have not been achieved.
The talks began in 2012 when the London Conference on Somalia, held at Lancaster House on February resulted in a communiqué. Pre-talks communique emphasised “the need for the international community to support any dialogue that Somaliland and Somalia’.
The Somaliland-Somalia hit a deadlock several times over technical issues. Both Somalia and Somaliland governments are keen to resume talks.