Ethiopia: Where is Dabbassa Guyyoo?

Ethiopia: Where is Dabbassa Guyyoo?

He is a prominent Oromo historian who has been working on the revitalization of the Oromo Gada system. He traveled the world to teach about the Gadaa System. Four years ago this educator was kidnapped from Kenya and his where about is not known. Many suspected that the Ethiopian government kidnapped Mr Guyyoo because of his work on Oromo history, especially the Gadaa system, which makes the milestone of Oromo nationalism. There is no better reason for Mr Guyyoo to be kidnapped except for teaching the values, cultures and history of the Oromo many believe.

UNESCO constitution affirms that the wide diffusion of culture and the education of humanity for justice and liberty and peace are indispensable to the dignity of man and constitute a sacred duty which all the nations must fulfil in a spirit of mutual assistance and concern. Moreover, UNESCO recently registered the Gadaa System as one of the ancient heritage of humankind. But Mr Guyyoo is kidnapped for teaching this human heritage that is recognized by the UN.

A year ago when the United Nations Human Rights Commission was in Ethiopia, I wrote to appeal to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to investigate and demand the immediate release of Mr Guyyoo.

However, Mr Guyyoo`s where-about is not yet known. The Ethiopian government claims that they have released all political prisoners. All concerned people should ask #WhereisMr. Guyyoo?

Via: Birhanu M Lenjiso


  1. Thanks a lot Birhanu Lenjiso for bringing up the issue of kidnapped and disappeared Oromo intellectuals and nationalists in the hands of the Ethiopian government. Ethiopian successive governments have meticulously planned, identified, targeted and kidnapped, tortured, murdered, disappeared and kept quiet about the where about of prominent Oromos such as Dabbassa Guyyoo. They have carried out this effectively since they occupied Oromia and got away with it. I was personally unlucky to witness the kidnaping of young Oromo individual by the name Amanty Abdissaa sometime back (around 2000) from Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Amanty passed through all airport clearance and was snatch from the steps of the aircraft by a person called Desalegn (I was able to identify this person later from a contact from the airport; he was in charge of the secret service security/TPLF branch at the airport who carried out the dirty works which were not performed by the uniformed Civil Aviation security guards). At the time I decided to do whatever I could to bring Amanty’s kidnapping to the attention of the Oromo people and contacted a friend whom I thought could help. As my friend was also a friend of the editor of the now closed pro Oromo newspaper, we drove around in Finfinne the whole day and managed to find them in the evening. We compiled the story as a short article with details of what I witnessed and the news was published the next morning. I know that the editor of that newspaper also went into exile a year or so later. I was trying to ask for news about Amanty every time I met someone I thought could be trusted with Oromo affairs until I myself was pushed into exile. Does anyone have the copy of the newspaper with that news in Amharic language (sometime in the year 2000/2001? Please save it for future investigators; someday Amanty may get justice.

    It has been almost like wolves snatching sheep from among the pack and peacefully walking away with their preys. Because we have never had strong organizations with resolves and unconditional determination to ascertain our safety and protection, cruel and savage enemies of our people have managed to eliminate capable and prominent Oromo personalities often with the help of low life Oromo individuals. What kind of people have we been since we fell into the hands of extremely savage and uncivilized enemies? Why can’t we use our immense potential to protect ourselves from inferior enemies by all measure?

    Qeerroo and qaree, can you hear me? Are you going to let this to continue? I don’t think so. You have been incredibly magnificent in your unity, resolve and determination, civility and political maturity over the last few years. While respecting your older generations and those who have sacrificed everything to sustain Oromo struggle for justice and freedom is paramount, the great Oromo people must not be held down due to mediocre and egocentric, fainthearted politicians. Also, you must not allow low life Oromo individuals who serve enemy interests rather than standing up for your people. Above all, you must never allow yourselves to go back to sleep before you ascertain that your big objectives are achieved. Always remember that the Oromo people have extremely backward, cruel, savage and blood thirsty enemies. What is worse, they have donkeys to ride in Oromia (some OPDOs and low life Oromo individuals who are readily available to them). If you are not cheated, if you fully understand that your own destiny and the future of the Oromo people and other subjugated peoples in Ethiopia is in your hands, the sky is not the limit. Remember; I am not saying “the sky is the limit”. I am saying that there is no limit to your potential and what you are able to achieve. Keep your unity and work at the highest level to realize your potential.

    More importantly, add to your demands the unconditional release of kidnapped and disappeared Oromo politicians and prominent individuals and put pressure on the Ethiopian government. This is fundamental; governments must guarantee and protect the safety of their citizens. Qeerroo and qaree you must not support any political party without conditions. Stop and think. Ask yourselves, do they have my interests and the interests of my people at heart? They must show that they are serving you and the interests of your people in order to win your support.

    Finally, allow me to ask the following questions and wait for your answers:

    1) Question to Oromo lawayrs: Are you able to write to and demand from the Ethiopian government about the where about of kidnapped and disappeared Oromo individuals? Are you able to compile legal documents which may help to seek justice for our bright brothers and sisters who have been snatched and disappeared?

    2) Oromo, qeerroo and qaree: Are you able to make your voices heard and demand the release of kidnapped and disappeared Oromo individuals by the Ethiopian government? Would you consider this issue as extremly high priority of the concerns of every Oromo?

    3) Where is Dabbassa Guyyoo? Where is Amanty Abdissaa? Where are the kidnapped and disappeared prominent Oromo individuals?

    Remember, the government in power in Ethiopia now is the same government. The only change is that we do not see TPLF officials at the front so often. Thus, the Ethiopian government must answer questions about the Oromo individuals kidnapped and disappeared without any excuses. No ifs and buts; period!


  2. Dear kichuu Admin,

    Thanks a lot once again for serving your people as a voice, doing your best to accommodate a variety of issues pertinent to the great Oromo people in particular and Ethiopia in general.

    Just thought that it might be helpful if you could keep this post on your front page for as long as possible in order to enable as many Oromos as possible and all concerned people to view it, and add their comments and information.

    It is clear that the EPRDF government of Ethiopia, which has commissioned and carried out the kidnapping and disappearing of prominent and nationalist Oromos, is still in power. The Ethiopian government announced to the world and Ethiopians that it has released political prisoners after Dr Abiy Ahmed came to power last year. It was true that some political prisoners were released, maybe for the purpose of PR face lift. However, the same government is still silent about the Oromos who were kidnapped and disappeared by the régime’s security forces. Since the double standard cannot appease the Oromo people and other concerned Ethiopians as well as the international community any more, the Ethiopian government must take the issues of the kidnapped and disappeared Oromos seriously, and act fast and release them with immediate effect.

    Oromo, let us act in unison to get our bright brothers and sisters justice. Oromo activists and civic organizations, this is one of the most important matter requiring your immediate attentions. Read between lines; it could have been you or I among the Oromos kidnapped and disappeared. Can we eat, drink, sleep and pretend that we have a country without finding our brothers and sisters who have been kidnapped and disappeared by “their own” government?

    Justice for the kidnapped and disappeared Oromo individuals!


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