Ethiopia was ruled for a century by a brutal Imperial regime.

Ethiopia was ruled for a century by a brutal Imperial regime.

Such regime brought together present regional states of Ethiopia by force. The Imperial regime ( the Amhara) in comparison to the rest of the regions, used modern warfare to size the current Ethiopian regions using armaments obtainred from developed countries. Once this very brutal regime controlled the rest of the country, confiscated the land from the natives, forced to collect taxes to finance it’s military forces; made the people sharecroppers in which every farmer forced to pay one third of it’s production ; officially outlawed by proclamation the languages of other ethnic groups to speak; every time an Amhara Official speaks to the people, their language is interpreted as ” (ስማ በለው sima below) means let them hear”, and denied the equal opportunity in education.

This way they have subjugated the people for over a century until a coalition of forces, EPRDF and OLF (Oromo Liberation Front) toppled them in 1991. The OLF’s participation was short lived because of the EPRDF’s consolidation of power. The above mentioned forces wrote the current constitution of the country in 1995 and proclaimed Ethiopia to be a Federal Democratic State. It took these forces about 40-50 years to accomplish their goal. Despite such proclamation the country did not practice its democratic rights for the reason that the TPLF as the head of the ruling party consolidated much of the power into it’s own hands for over 27 years. The EPRDF was ousted after a bitter struggle by Qerroo and Qarree, a clandestine movement of Oromia in 2018. Again, the OLF has a lions share in ousting the TPLF that opened a way for a change that brought the current Gov’t to power.

The aim of this change was to transition the country to the very much awaited democracy. Such democratic principle is again aborted by Abyi’s regime. He cracked down OLF and KFO ( Oromo Federalist Congress), the two most prominent and very popular among the Oromo people, as a potential to win the next election. Abiy Ahmed vowed to breakdown the ambition of the Oromo people to size power for over 1000 years if he doesn’t receive the support needed to bring him to power in forthcoming election from the Oromo majority. It seems that he has handed most of the Gov’t key positions to the Amhara ruling regime. Besides, the Amhara regions forces were allowed to operate in other regions, and also given green light to illegally occupy Oromia & other regions supported by Abiy’s Federal forces, just like they did to Tigray region.

They’re also given a land in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) as shown below, to illegally build and own government buildings, moving their Gov’t offices totally from Bahri Dar of Amhara region to Finfinnee of Oromia region. Abiy Ahmed is not elected by the people, hence he has no mandate to change the policy & the constitution. This demonstrates the abortion of the federal system, the consolidation of power by Abiy Ahmed and failure to transition the country to the democratic state. Every ethnic group or nation state in Ethiopia has its own territory, but only the Amharas break such rule. When they established a colony of other regions between 1886 to 1903, they built Garrison towns in each of those regions or states.

Some of such Garrison towns are found in Oromia State. Thus, Abiy Ahmed & the Amhara elites are annexing back the Oromia region by force; they’re putting another fire on fuel. So, the Oromo people must fight back and have to say in unison ‘no democracy no peace’. We urge the Amhara ruling parties and Abiy Ahmed to stop breaking the constitution of the country; to stop instigating violence all over the Ethiopian Federal States. It’s against the constitution for the Amhara regime to build rheir government offices in Finfinne. You have no reason to claim Oromia. By doing all of the above you’re accelerating the disintegration of the country. No respect for the rule of law and constitution, no more Ethiopia! We need our freedom! Down with repressive regime. Go back to your Babur Dar.

OMN: ብሄራዊ ምርጫና በኢፌዴሪ ያለውን ቀውስ በተመለከተ የኦሮሞ ነጻነት ግንባር መግለጫ (Dec 12, 2020)

Ani ABO sheneedha oromoon hundumtuu ABO shaneedha guujiifi boorani shaneendhaa wallaggaa fi shawaan shaneedhaa arsiufi baallee shaneedhaa walloofi harargeen shaneedhaa ummatni oromoofi lafati oromiyaan ABO shaneedhaa Waaraani bilisummaa oromoo ABO shaneedhaa bossooni oromiyaa laaggeen oromiyaa gaareen oromiyaa bineensooni oromiyaa bineeldooni oromiyaa ABO shaneedhaa
Opdo fi nafxanyaa maale

Jaal Kefyalew Tefera
baga gammadde.
Eebbaa milkii sif haa ta’u!!

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  1. Not only Addis ababa but also its surroundings belongs to Oromia. Most ctities and districts around Addis is occupied by Oromos. Amharas are intruders.

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