Ethiopia: Updates from Tigray and Oromia

Ethiopia: Updates from Tigray and Oromia

Amhara Qemant – Worku Ayitenew – Tigray Situation – TDF fighters

The federal government of Ethiopia recognized terrorists for the rebellion of Oromia ‘ in the last days, a large group of armed forces is now imprisoning training for an unresolved number of soldiers.
OLA said they learned a lot from their past mistakes and they are ‘ready’ and very hard.The federal government is facing a lot of danger coming from ‘OLA’ growing rapidly.
Nj nj.. n Addis Ababa Ogaadenia Media 

TDF – Afar Tigray border – Debre Zabit – Debre Tabor


  1. All of this BRUTALITY is because the descendants of an Armed Amhara Settler State WANT to see to it that the People of Tigray NEVER pose a threat to their POWER in Ethiopia ever again! It is a WAR of extermination, pure and simple!

    Yes, the History of FAMINE triggered by the ENDLESS WARS OF CONTROL & DOMINATION, by the Ethno-Racist Amhara Ruling Class of Ethiopia, ought to be A STAIN ON THE CONSCIENCE of the Europeans and the Americans BECAUSE THEY CREATED AND SUSTAINED THIS BRUTAL “BLACK AFRICAN” TOKEN STATE AGAINST THE INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE TRAPPED IN IT! The Famine comes and goes, and the Westerners go right back to doing what they do best: ARM A BRUTAL REGIME FOR THE NEXT WAR OF CONTROL AND THEN ANOTHER FAMINE! Recent examples: 1958/59, 1973/74, 1983/84, and, now 2020/21! As an Oromo nationalist, I do not care much for the TPLF, BUT May G*D HELP THE PEOPLE OF TIGRAY! I AND MY FAMILY WILL BE DELIGHTED TO SEND THE LITTLE WE HAVE THEIR WAY!

  2. Yoni,
    Where are you buddy? I have not seen much from you lately! I think Aba Solan copied this very comment of yours and re-posted it somewhere here on Kichuu recently, with a byline which reads, “From an Oromo Nationalist!”

    Hope you are Ok out there mi Amigo! LOL

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