Ethiopia: UN Reports Record Number of Civilians Killed in Airstrikes Across Ethiopia’s Tigray Region

Ethiopia: UN Reports Record Number of Civilians Killed in Airstrikes Across Ethiopia’s Tigray Region

Claire Nevill / WFP A general food distribution point in Afar, Ethiopia, August 30, 2021.
Radio France Internationale

Dozens of civilians have been reportedly killed over the past week in a barrage of air strikes in Ethiopia’s northernmost Tigray region – the highest casualties recorded since October.

Last week, the Ethiopian government said that its troops would not advance further into Tigray, signalling a potential pause in fighting even as Tigrayan rebels accuse the military of carrying out several air strikes in the region this month.

The claims by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front rebel group could not be independently confirmed.

On Thursday, the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said that air strikes between 19th to 24th December had “reportedly led to mass civilian casualties, including dozens of people reportedly killed, making this the most intense series of air attacks and casualties reported since October.”

According to OCHA, the strikes reportedly hit several towns across southern Tigray, with one destroying an electrical substation in the regional capital Mekele.

‘Tense and unpredictble”

The agency added “Due to limited access and insecurity in the area, humanitarian partners could not verify the exact number of casualties yet.”

TheΒ TPLF announced a retreatΒ to Tigray last week, marking a turning point in the war which has left thousands of people dead and pushed many more into famine.

OCHA said the situation in northern Ethiopia remains “tense and unpredictable” with aid workers struggling to get crucial supplies to those in need.

“No trucks with humanitarian aid cargo haveΒ entered Tigray since 14 December,” the agency said, citing security issues.

The fighting in Africa’s second most populous nation has displaced more than two million people and more than nine million are in need of food aid, according to UN estimates.

The war broke out in November last year when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sent troops into Tigray to topple the TPLF, accusing its fighters of attacking army camps.

A swift victory was elusive, as the TPLF mounted aΒ shock counter-attack, recapturing most of Tigray by June before advancing into neighbouring Afar and Amhara.

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  1. It is good to know your limit, and we admire your decision made upon the consideration of your failed attempts to subjugate People of Tigray and the destructive experience that your genocidal army underwent while facing TDF, African Lions. TDF will surely foil your staggering moves to enter Tigray , and you will sadly sacrifice lives in vain. Hence, better not renter nor pondering over it ?

    We all agree with your conviction that all Tegaru are one and support our leaders. As opposed your redundant rhetoric delivered for the past 30 years , no one in Tigray is compelled or brainwashed by any political party like your people from so-called Amhara region who sacrifice their family members to protect political elites..
    Amhara people are now became victims of the genocidal and territorial expansion theory of their repulsive leaders who befriend with Arab mercenaries from Turkey, UAE, and Iran to massacre innocent civilians based on their ethnic and political views.

    You are mounting the same propaganda against our people claiming “Tigray is not homogeneous and minorities in Tigray do not support the existing parties, and have no political representation etc

    does anyone among these minority members asked you , men of lies, to obtain a political or sociocultural representatives from Amhara elites or Eritrean war criminals massacring Irobs and entire people of Tigray ?

    Thus far, what were you doing to Kimant, Agew, Gumuz, Shinasha who are living in Amhara region ? Did they find a representative among Ibin or any Amhara party ? Do they even live peaceful, let alone finding a political representation ? Why are you forcing them(esp Agew, and Kimant ) to accept Amharanized identity and massacring them when they refuse to submit to your satanically egoistic ideology of territorial expansion and dictatorial ruling of one tribe ?
    People of Tigray has respected the rights of women, minorities and any social group who were underrepresented in the history of Ethiopia , and did their best to create a respective administrative and political entity for the forgotten people. This was the major reason you amhara elites objected the federal system by which every ethnic member retain a political and administrative representation in the nation, accommodating the federal system.

    You have been heard of rejecting and denying the rights of people living in Gambela region as if it’s inappropriate and illegitimate because it is not created by unitary and monarchical leaders from your tribe existing before 1991. What the people of Tigray had generously and fairly endowed and granted is inadmissible to you.

    In a heterogeneous society or a multi-ethnic nation, federalism is the best system of government to practice because it brings about a peaceful political association between people of different tribes, languages and beliefs. In a unitary(Ahadawi and limutawi) system of government , favored by Amhara elites who run one language, monarchical like ruling, where powers are only concentrated in the hands of a central government, if not in one person, the fear of the majority can lead to crisis.

    Glad to hear, once again, that you decided not to advance and enter Tigray whatever fabricated reason you gave : Tigray is not homogeneous, minorities are in tough situation, TDF is supported by Western powers etc We are happy for you since Amhara people will still be happy receiving their children safe and sound. We never had problem with ordinary citizens of any ethnic member, including your own people who were living in harmony and intermarried with every ethnic member but only and only with you goons who invite foreign mercenaries to massacre our people and destabilize Ethiopia and make Ethiopia an example of poverty, war and destruction in our planet. Last but not least, none of our leaders has expressed the desire for revenge against ordinary peaceful innocent civilians of Amhara or any other nationalities. It is you , amhara elites and supporters of prosperity party , who involved in random massive killings of Tegaru felt that Tegaru will do the same to you and your family. Upon considering that, you fled to the nearby towns and forests. If TDF had planned that, they could have taken revenge on those who directly took part in the war crime and remain captives later . Your fears, misconceptions and views could not replace anyone’s view or do not be taken to mean that of any other person or political figure.

    People of Tigray never marched to kill any ethnic member but to unblock humanitarian corridor , bring war criminals to justice and set up a new multi-ethnic administration . Historically, people of Tigray didn’t take revenge on former military regime and their supporters as opposed these oppressive mass murderers treat Tegaru and rest of Ethiopians , because Tegaru believed β€œThe best revenge is to show them that your life is getting better after they’re gone.”– Nishan Panwarand made Ethiopia the fastest growing land in Africa.

    What Eritrean genocidal regime did is comparable to the saying: β€œRevenge is not worthy of you. If you concentrate on revenge, you will keep those wounds fresh that would otherwise have healed.”—Adeline Yen Mah Therefore, Revered people of Tigray ,through their leaders, again showed their profound desire for peace and national dialogue, but your amhara elites and Eritrean genociders showed your refusal to the world except mounting pretexts to veil a defeated mentality . It would be great if the international community reach the people of Tigray and rest of nationalities who are stranded in the war affected areas and unable to acess basic supplies by any possible means . It is an inhumane act to hinder military advance aimed at unblocking humanitrain corridors in an attempt to prolong the days of genocidal regimes of Eritrea and Ethiopia . Some are telling that the advance of TDF to the capital was halted , because there were US citizens still remaining in Ethiopia. And for these contemptible reason made by US leaders to African lives, over 5 million people spent over 13 months without food, and water in war torn region, in favor of a single party which can’t be compared with the total collapse of Ethiopia .

    Stop killing our people, and let them breath in peace and heal from their wounds !

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