Ethiopia:The TPLF’s Machiavellian Regime Can’t Extricate Itself from ..

Ethiopia: – The TPLF’s Machiavellian Regime Can’t Extricate Itself from Inherent Barbarism Unless Forced to Step down

By Denboba Natie, March 28, 2018

Since the TPLF/EPRDF’s apartheid assumed power in mid-1991, it has been embarked on a systematic exploitation of the resources of the entire country to build its own empire whilst impoverishing the rest nations of Ethiopia, in addition to brutally repressing over 106 million and arbitrarily arresting and massacring tens of thousands of unarmed civilians. There is no parallel to its actions in the history of the country. For the first time since Ethiopia has been shaped in its modern form by Emperor Menelik II during his 1880s expansion, the recorded and anecdotal evidences show that, there have never been such Machiavellian rulers like the Tigrean Mafias. Its abhorrence whilst brutalizing the unarmed and the weakest at its mercy and willfully slicing parts of the country and preparing it for a sale to foreign countries by displacing tens of millions of legitimate owners, boggles minds of sane individuals.

I can’t think of any regime of the world that prepares its own territory to be given to another country. Instead, we know hundreds of leaders sacrificing their own lives defending their territorial integrity. The TPLF’s apartheid repeatedly played the very opposite since it has assumed power. Time and again it has shown its bizarre behaviours that are morally repugnant and socially alien to the values of the nations of Ethiopia and the wider Africa, as I have argued in my January 2018’s article.

Moreover, its monopoly of political and economic power by fully possessing military leadership, foreign and security affairs coupled with its ‘divide-and-conquer’ tactics mainly using its boggy-man, the Amhara, repeatedly portraying it as the enemy of the entire peoples in Ethiopia; the TPLF’s apartheid to date bewildered and divided the peoples of the country for far too long, thereby fully taking over the entire affairs of the country – viciously silencing those who dare to challenge it by speaking their minds.

Frustration, disillusionment and widespread hopelessness ensued from the TPLF’s abuse of power, politico-economic mismanagement and marginalisation to result in mass uprising predominately in Oromia followed by Amhara, konso and recently in Guragie; everywhere unanimously demanding for an unconditional fundamental political change to end their tragic sufferings under the officially organised TPLF’s Mafias.

Thanks to the bravery of the Oromo youth primarily, after the end of 2015, game changing revolution led by ‘Qeerroo’ whose members defied state-terrorism to stand their ground to fearlessly demand their rights to be respected has brought about a previously unthinkable change. Following such selfless sacrifices of the Oromo youth followed by the Amhara counterpart; some of the OPDO’s and Amhara surrogates made a huge stride in their effort in challenging the unlawful actions of the TPLF’s regime for the first time in its history since 1991. This is the reason why the ‘Lemanites’ camp managed to vote against the TPLF’s agendas on few occasions since 2016.

Following a fearless, but non-violent challenges of the Oromo Qeerroo throughout the entire Oromia, the TPLF’s apartheid whose exploitation of the Oromo wealth has been severely hampered has responded with brute forces by murdering thousands of Oromo civilians; involving the unlawful imprisonment and torturing of hundreds of thousands in the last 3 years. The TPLF Mafia due to this has imposed two State of Emergencies in the periods of less than two years, the second one being the 16th February 2018’s one that is aimed to last for 6 months.  If the ‘Lemanites’ Dr Abiy Ahmed gets to the throne and braved himself to act like a real PM with ability, determination and vigour as the progressive OPDO’s have promised, they can nullify the illegally imposed State of Emergency which I call it a military takeover.

Other than this, the appointment of Dr Abiy Ahmed as EPRDF’s Chair on March 27, 2018 with potential of holding the position of PM by the criminally stitched establishment (TPLF/EPRDF) does little or nothing for the Oromo people and the wider peoples in Ethiopia; if he can’t bravely extricate himself from the Coffin of the ailing TPLF’s apartheid, to make his promises a reality. Besides, I can’t deny the fact that, there will be a huge challenge and opportunity about which I will discuss on another occasion.

Regardless, I think the resistance of the Oromo nation continued despite the ongoing mass killing, displacement and imprisonment; as the national resistance became an embodiment of its identity by increasingly elevating the level of Oromo’s consciousness. Whether Dr Abiy lives up to his and his new OPDO’s promises or not, the Oromo nation never return from its strides towards national emancipation. The nation has shown its preparedness to die for its cause in pursuit of justice, freedom, rights to self-determination and democracy. Despite the ongoing State-Terrorism aimed at shattering their hopes, dreams and aspirations; the Oromo mainly its fearless youth proved their readiness to take their own affairs into their hands thereby become the navigator of their own boat in the direction of their wishes; whether the brutal TPLF swallows or regurgitates it. We’re witnessing this reality as the Qeerroo heroically takes up front seats; the Dr Ahmed’s appointment being the outcome of their selfless sacrifices.

The unexpected waking-up of the sleeping giant of Ethiopia whose people began boldly and fearlessly demanding their rights to be honoured, has irreparably shaken the foundation of the brutal regime since the end of 2015. Unable to articulate the fact on the ground, the Ethiopian apartheid chose to remain stubborn, stacking in its inherent self, unwilling to peacefully respond to all quests of the Oromo and the rest nations of Ethiopia. Therefore, it continued with its cliché of mass killing of unarmed civilians under various excuses; by displacing tens of thousands including the recent Oromo’s over 50,000 civilians who fled the country to the neighbouring Kenya after their about 14 innocent sons and daughters gunned-down in broad day light by the TPLF agents in Moyale town in the weekend of March 10, 2018.

As it has always been irrational, the regime has taken such democratic waves of Oromo’s national movement as threat to its colonial interests. Hence it remains terribly panicking for the first time since it has controlled Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) in 1991, with calculated belief on freely owning Ethiopia and its entire resources, as it has done in the last 27 years. The Oromo nation is questioning TPLF’s legitimacy for leading the country of over 106 million. The regime is unable to logically respond. Instead, its empire is wobbling as its architects are extremely confused from top to bottom. Therefore, they are aimlessly marauding on the last scramble for the Oromo and the rest peoples’ resources.

The Oromo youth and the wider nation raised fundamental questions of fairness in the aspect of political and economic autonomy and genuine self-administration including managing of their own economy such as land and socio-cultural affairs. These rights have been theoretically guaranteed in the constitution although they are denied by TPLF for the last 27 years. Although the regime claims that, the Oromo and the rest nations of the country have got their own representatives whom the regime hand-picks; however, the power remains in the hands of the TPLF politicians and Generals. The mantra of representation are simple pretexts under which the regime justifies the exploitation of the resources of the Oromo and the rest nations of Ethiopia.

Furthermore, the TPLF’s panic became real based on genuine fear when its 42 years plots on creating an eternal enmity between the two largest nations of the country, the Amhara and Oromo has failed when both nations declared their inseparability. A joint announcement of Mr Lema Magarsa (Oromia regional State president) and Gedu Andargachew (Amhara’s regional counterpart) has sealed the previous Oromo youth’s chants ‘‘the blood of Amhara who are mass murdered by the TPLF regime is ours and their pain is our pain, and the Amhara’s similar slogan from Gondar and Bahirdar’’. The TPLF from its inception believed that creating a huge rift between Amhara and the Oromo nation is the only viable option which enables them to remain on power. When this hard-worked project fails, it is true that they can become irrational than ever.

When their panic becomes overwhelming, the irrationality of their actions significantly increased by obliging them to coerce their puppet PM to resign on the 15th of February 2018; followed by the military takeover which is erroneously renamed as a State of Emergency on the 16th of February 2018. Following this, the Oromia regional state has been practically dissolved and taken over by the Tigrean Military rule. The indiscriminate imprisonments of Qeerroo, Oromia police and progressive Oromo politicians (who are members of regional and various Zonal councils with constitutionally guaranteed immunity) intensifies. Similar barbarism remains in action in Amhara regional state where the regime is equally terrorising the civilians under the pretext of disarming of Amara. The same is true in Ogadenia, Sidama, Gambella and elsewhere in the country,

Under such tragically unfolding twists and turns in Ethiopian politics, the spirit and beliefs of the Oromo nation is more emboldened in their resolve to continue with their quest for freedom and democracy defying live bullet. The TPLF under the pretext of State of Emergency allowed its Generals to take over the rule of Oromia and Amhara as well as the rest part of the country.

To date, the TPLF’s regime is engaged in such futile game. Meanwhile, the imprisonment of various civilians and politicians intensifies, including the reincarceration of recently released prominent journalists such as Eskindir Nega and dozens of the others who were peacefully celebrating their release on the 25th of March 2018 to prove that, the TPLF is on a verge of self-destruction. The others hope that, the appointment of the OPDO’s Dr Abiy gives little respite to the regime although the struggle of the Ethiopian peoples needs to continue until a fundamental change is successfully achieved. To prove that, Dr Abiy is up to the job and on the ball, first all the political prisoners must be unconditionally released, compensated and those who have dehumanised them must be held into account. Moreover, the independence of security apparatuses, army, police, judiciary, legislative and executives must be officially declared and honoured. Furthermore, the lands taken away from millions of peasants by making them and their families destitute must be unconditionally reinstated. Ultimately, the rule of law must be unconditionally honoured after establishing an all-inclusive transitional arrangement as soon as possible to make Ethiopia safe, prosperous and fair to all stakeholders.

By Denboba Natie March 28, 2018 (