Ethiopia – Tigray – Oromia

Ethiopia – Tigray -Oromia

Ethiopia Tigray Amhara: 2 New Developments

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  1. General Abebaw Tadesse is under arrest and will be thrown to jails in the capital of Great Republic of Tigray. Ittu Aba Farda , boot-licker, will also be deported too. Amhara are receiving lethal blows ; they will not be able to recover for eternity. Recently received news: Obbo Ermias and lij Abebe gelaw are giving a big blow on the head to each other and we will bring the latest news to you. They are dopes. Ethio 360 journalist Habtamu Ayalew is pronounced dead this morning. We extend our deepest sympathies to Amhara elites and his fans from Eritrea . Stay tuned. Note: All properties of Amhara elites , riches of fat cats who are spending thousands to kill Oromos, Tegaru, and other ethnic minorities should be confiscated let alone the propertoes of PP cadres. Let all riches be transported and carried to Oromia and Tigray. And war criminals be sent to jails . All those who were dancing and singing while people of Tigray and Oromia suffer should face justice in jails.We have received several reports from teh USA, EU and ASia about Amhara and eritrean migrants dancing and screaming soon as they heard Tigray is under the control of ENDF and EDF esp about the occupation of Mekelle and killings of civilians. These thugs must face the music . Innocents should not be victims regardless of their ethnic background. Mahibrekidusan and so-called EOTC leaders should be subjected to investigation and removed from their ecclesiastical power too. Church is not a cave for war criminals. Orthodoxy and Christianity has become a cave and mask for war criminals .

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