Ethiopia: -The Roles Of Nations and Nationalities In Restoring Their Dignity and Identity

Ethiopia: -The Roles Of Nations & Nationalities In Restoring Their Dignity & Identity
That Is Systematically Denied To Them By Amhara’s Colonial Elites Since 1880s.
August 15, 2021 (By Denboba Natie)
I. The Amhara Elites’ Pernicious- But Futile Colonial Ambition
Since its creation in the new form in 1880s; the histories and stories of the Ethiopian empire has been stitched together with lies and deceits mainly constructed by distorting, obliterating, or omitting the histories of traditionally oppressed nations and nationalities of the empire. Due to this, the suffering of over 80 nations and nationalities under the African born colonialism has continued without slightest changes. To date, the residues of historical rulers are rejecting the equality of the subjugated nations of the empire; instead pushing with their expansionist war to occupy and consolidate their colonial territories in the lands of various nations.
The ongoing war in Tigray, Oromia, Benshangul-Gumuz, Agaw, Kemant and elsewhere in Ethiopia is masterminded and staged managed by these groups operating under various names- using various excuses by concealing their genuine motto on asserting their colonial ambition.
To date they are beating war drums under the pretext of defending Ethiopia from its possible disintegration. In fact, they are cooperating with the foreign forces to wage war on the nations and peoples in Ethiopia including Tigray and Oromia. Therefore, the Amhara elites are proving they can conspire with any power on planet if their cooperation assists their ambition for a colonial expansion. Nations and peoples of the empire have no option but unite and defend their fundamental rights.
II. A Belief in Nations Rights To Self-Determination Must Be Our Guiding Principle!
During the time today’s pretenders in entire part of Ethiopia were silent and subservient subjects; I from the Sidama nation and my comrades from Oromia, Afar, Ogadenia, Shakacho, Gambela, Benshagul and various nations have worked together and in unison advocated for the rights of nations to self-determination. We have collectively and unequivocally denounced the barbaric rule of EPRDF’s regime for its gross violations of human rights. We have openly and fearlessly campaigned for justice, freedom and equality of all nations and peoples in Ethiopia. We have internationally, regionally, domestically, and locally challenged EPRDF’s methods of governance by categorically deploring its failure to implement the constitution.
We have also identified the shortfall and proposed the way out of the political quagmire that has encapsulated the empire by hindering the subjects from moving forward in their endeavour for collective and individual human progress. The EPRDF has repeatedly refused our proposal to be eventually forced out of the office by popular anger and subsequent revolution led by the Oromo nation in late 2017.
Moreover, as we were and are not hatred blinded unionists; we did our assessments based on the factual evidence and observations. We evaluated the practices of EPRDF’s apparatuses during its tenure. Therefore, we did not blindly judge the regime for its good jobs. We have not fabricated anything new, but rejected its inhumane nature thus advised the best way out of it. We have denounced its economic policy that favours few loyal affiliates whilst distancing the mass. We have denounced its inconsistence with the constitutional provision. For example, we have denounced the regime’s failure in allowing the Sidama, Wolyta, Guragie, Kemant, Kembata, Agaw, Hadiya and the rest nations of the empire to assert their rights to regional self-rule by clearly violating the constitutional provision. Over 69 Sidama civilians were massacred on May 24, 2002, whilst peacefully demanding these rights to be honoured.
Equally, we have honestly appreciated the EPRDF’s regime for keeping the constitution that guarantees nations rights to self-rule as the supreme law of the empire that governs its entire systems although its provision was clearly violated as indicated above. We have positively criticised the regime for its failure to be proactive by taking corrective measures.
III. EPRDF’s Former Cadres Holding TPLF’s Politicians Into Account For All Crimes Committed During Their Tenure Are Committing Crimes Against Humanity!
During the time we were at loggerheads with the EPRDF’s regime- and were openly challenging its inhumane actions to all civilians of the empire; the current Prosperity Party (PP) cadres who are pretending to be holy angels- were indeed wagging their tails to their TPLF superiors. They were masterminding and stage-managing the assassinations of political figures in Ethiopia. They with the TPLF’s cadres were planning and executing the political suppression and stifling of freedom of expression and assembly in Ethiopia. They were plotting and executing all crimes during their tenure.
Today however taking sharp U-turn, they are telling nations and peoples in Ethiopia that all crimes committed in the past 27 years prior to 2018 were committed by TPLF alone not by EPRDF. Therefore, they call for all subjects to go and fight an illegal war in Tigray, Oromia, Benshangul Gumuz, Agaw, Kemant (Qimant) and elsewhere by pretending to be the rescuers of the empire. These all who are re-baptised as PP were dangerous subservient obedients who have done more crimes than their superiors to demonstrate their loyalty. This has been the case with current Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed, the Amhara’s regional president Agegnehu Teshager, the Oromia’s president Shimelis Abdisa and the other regions’ presidents and all their cadres.
In fact, the current PP’s cadres have hijacked the Sidama’s national regional state that was recently earned with the blood and bones of its sons and daughters. These cadres have hijacked the Oromo sons and daughters earned current victory to hand it over to the Amhara elites who possess insatiable appetite for their territorial expansion. These cadres are the ones playing double standard to stifle freedom of expression and to date proved their public enmity by putting all their political opponents behind bars; by eliminating all key political and military figures since late 2018. The current PP, former EPRDF;s cadres pretending to be holy angels are setting a renewed and dangerous precedence in the Empire’s history that must be wholly repudiated and fought against.
IV. Nations & Nationalities Must Take OLA & TDF’s Military Pact As A Positive Step That Enables Gran-Alliance That Enables Fighting A Common Enemy In Unison.
The military operation deal that was struck between Tigray Defence Force (TDF) and its Oromo counterpart- the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) in the beginning of this week heralds an existing and excellent example to all nations in Ethiopia who aspire to restore their denied dignity and national identity. The indicated military pact also involved various nations and nationalities in Ethiopia including Agaw, Kemant, Benshangul-Gumuz and Gambela liberations movements and fronts. Additionally, most of the federalist forces, liberation Fronts and Movements in principle fully endorse the pact and aim at forging further military and political alliance with the objective of asserting nations rights to self-determination. The pact has also positively energised those who share the ethos behind the agreement.
Therefore, the indicated an historic military pact of the federalist forces in Ethiopia further sets an unprecedented level of unity of purpose for all subjugated nations to become a milestone on which all stakeholders must cement their foundation. Evidently, without such a unity Amhara expansionists’ have proven they do not easily accept the equality of the stakeholders. They have repeatedly shown unless they are told by the language they unambiguously understand, they do not accept nations as equal stakeholders. Unpalatably, the language they understand is nothing but violence.
Although various nations and peoples in Ethiopia have no intention on engaging in violent activities, but they all are left with no choice but defend their God-given rights to survival and self-rule with all possible means including using a unified military force as the last resort. This has become the only possible response for Amhara elites’ insatiable appetite for territorial expansion. The obligation is bestowed up on all nations and nationalities in Ethiopia who aspire for a common good and rights to self-determination.
V. Conclusion
The Ethiopian empire has been mired with violence since its inception. It has become synonymous with abject poverty and indignity. The empire that must have been decolonised several decades ago has persistently become virulent to the historically subjects; and evidently become a prison house for all nations who are fighting for their survival. It has become clearer than ever that Amhara elites are hell bent on keeping their war on territorial expansion ongoing.
Nations and nationalities aspiring for a collective good and rights to self-determination in Ethiopia have no choice but forge alliance and bitterly fight for their both collective and individual rights in unison. We have reiterated that the indicated struggle for survival has become the only way forward for asserting the dignity and national identity of nations and nationalities in Ethiopia. Therefore, a military pact that has begun with OLA and TDF’s alliance must widen its horizon to reach out for all federalist forces in Ethiopia.
Federalist forces in Ethiopia must also prepare themselves for a united action against Amhara’s expansionist forces by forging strategic military alliance to dig a graveyard for the expansionist forces.
August 15, 2021
By Denboba Natie- []

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    በተደጋጋሚ ልሙጦቹ ሲናገሩና ቆሻሻ ጣቶቻቸውን ሲቀስሩ ያየንበት ጉዳይ ቢኖር የትግራይ ሠራዊት አባላት የሚያነግቱት ከቤተክርስቲያናት፥ከአድባራት እና ገዳማት የሚገኝ ፀበል፥እመት(እምነት በተለምዶ)ነው እንጂ ልሙጦቹ እንደሚሉት እና እነርሱ እንደሚያነግቱት ከጠንቋይ የተገኘ የደብተራ ክታበት፥ዕፀ ሰይጣን፥የጎንደር ደብተራ ከጅብና ከጥንቸል የቀመመው የጥንቆላ ግሳንግስ አይደለም፥፥ለነገሩ ሃይማኖትን ከትግራይ ስትቀበሉ ስነምግባርና ፥በጎነትን በግድፈት ወይም በእከያቹ ምክንያት ሳይሰጣቹ የቀረ ና ያልሰረፀባቹ ይመሥላል፥፥እንደ ናንተ የጥይት የመሥተፋቅር የፍቅር ወዘተ እያልን ግሳንግሱንና እርኩሱን ባንገታችን ይዘን አንዞርም፥፥የአማራ ልሂቃንና አንዳንድ ቀሳውስት የሚሰብኩት ፀረ ትግራዋይ የሆነ ስብከት ነው፥፥አማራ ብሔር ብሔረሰቦችን ቋንቋ ፥እንጀራ መብላት ሱሪ መልበስ ያስተማረ ይሉናል አማራ ክልል ስትሄዱ የምታዩት የምትሰሙት ጉድ ነው፤፤ሱሪ የለበሰና ፀዳ ያለሰው ካለ ዱርዬ ሂያጅ ወዘተ የሚባለው፥ምቀኝነት እዛው ተዘርቶና በቅሎ ያደገ ብቻ ሳይሆን ለአቅመ አዳም ደርሶ ያረጀ እስኪ መስል ድረስ ከትንሽ እስከ ትልቁ ከልሂቅ እስከ ደቂቅ ምቀና ሟርተኛ ሰላቢ ነው፥፥ሆስፒታል የሰይጣን ነው ከኒና የፈረስና የጦጣ አንጎል አለበት ከመርፌው ደግሞ የእባብ መርዝ አይታጣም ይሏችኋል፥ልሂቃኑ የሚነግራቸው ቅጠል መበጠስና ስር መማስ ኮከብ ቆጠራ ነው፥፥ለዛሬ ይብቃን ባጭሩ የአማራ ልሂቃን ለወገናቸው ለአማራ የማይበጁ ለዘመናት በመተት ተብትበው ይህ ሳይበቃቸው አሁን ደግሞ ሙትልን ገጀራ ይዘህ ውጣ እያሉ ያስፈጁታል፥፥በአለም አቀፍ ህግ መጠየቅና መዳኘት አለባቸው ከዚህ ሕዝብ እናት ወርደው ከቦታቸው ከሚገባቸው ዘብጥያ መታጎርና መቀጣት አለባቸውውውውውው

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